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PBS 'Downton Abbey' does Lady Edith go through with the abortion?

Lady Edith
Lady Edith
PBS Television

Downton Abbey” (PBS) can be seen each Sunday evening at 9/8 p.m. on “Masterpiece.” Last night's episode on Feb. 9, 2014 was called, “4/6” meaning season 4 & episode 6. The overnight TV ratings are not available.

Downton Abbey” has a 24 character ensemble cast. Here are five of them, Hugh Bonneville (Robert, Earl of Grantham), Maggie Smith (Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham), Laura Carmichael (Lady Edith Crawley), Elizabeth McGovern (Cora, Countess of Grantham) & Joanne Froggatt (Anna Smith Bates).

4/6” opened with Lord Robert being asked to go to America by Lady Cora's mother. John Bates is Robert's valet who doesn't want to leave Anna. She asks him to go, but Mrs. Hughes is forced to tell Lady Mary that Anna was raped. She goes to Robert & asks him to let John stay. He relents & doesn't ask any questions. Thomas Barrow goes in John's place.

Thomas is intent on knowing all the gossip at "Downton Abbey." He wants Phyliss Baxter to find out why he is going to America instead of John. He had recommended Phyliss for the job of Lady Cora's maid. He demands in return the secrets from their upstairs employers.

Lady Edith decides to go to London to see if she can think things out. She has a talk with Lady Cora & asks if she is a bad person. She hasn't told anyone that she might be pregnant with Michael Gregson's child. He is still married whose wife is in a mental institution. Lady Violet is getting sick who is being taken care of by Isobel.

Anna Bates is the maid of Lady Mary who tries to ask questions about the rapist. She wants Anna to go to a doctor to make sure she isn't pregnant & to describe her attacker. Anna has not told anyone who raped her because she is terrified of him. Her whole body shakes when she tells Mary she cannot talk to anyone about it.

Lady Rosamund suspects that there is something wrong with Lady Edith who breaks down in front of her. Edith admits she is pregnant & has decided to have an abortion. Lady Rose meets up with Jack Ross who is a black male singer. She was caught kissing him after Lord Robert's birthday party. Jack is afraid of what people will say about their interracial fling.

Will Lady Edith go through with the abortion? Why does Tom Branson go to a political party? Will Phyliss give a full report to Thomas when he returns? - You can watch the full episode of “4/6” at the official website of “Downton Abbey.”

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