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PBS 'Downton Abbey' can Lady Mary stop grieving over husband's death?

Downton Abbey” (PBS) can be seen each Sunday evening at 9/8 p.m. Last night on Jan. 5, 2014 it was the 4th TV season premiere & a two-hour episode event. At the end of the 3rd TV season, Lady Mary Crawley gave birth, but lost her husband Matthew to death in a car crash. Thomas Barrow had revealed he was gay & was beaten up while trying to protect Jimmy Kent at the county fair. The Abbey manor had thwarted financial ruin & a maid was fired for kissing her boss with whom she served.

Lady Mary and Tom Branson
PBS Television

According to the official website of “Downton Abbey” the preview synopsis of season four is right here - “Six months after Downton Abbey's great tragedy, Mary is mired in grief and the estate is engulfed in death taxes. As the family struggles to lift their financial and emotional woes, clashes arise, sparks fly, and it is up to the older generation to bring Mary back to life, and Robert to his senses – no easy task in either respect.”

Season Four / Episode 1: Opened with Mary sitting before an open fire thinking about Matthew & coping with his death. It is the year of 1922. She is still grief stricken & her family plus the servants are concerned that she hasn't snapped out of it. Ms. Obrien leaves the Abbey to work for someone else which shocks the upstairs & the downstairs.

Mary neglects her baby as Nanny West takes over caring for the child. Nanny believes that she is important & tries to order Thomas Barrow around who is the under-butler. They butt heads together which creates some tension. Robert Crawley wants to manage the estate of his grandson George which comes from his dead father Matthew. Mary does not inherit anything that belongs to Downton Abbey.

Lady Edith Crawley went to a party in London put on by her former boss. He is married & his wife is mentally unstable. He is trying to get a divorce, but asks Edith to move to Germany with him. She doesn't want to live in “sin.” Mrs. Hughes, the housekeeper read a secret letter sent to Mr. Carson. A friend of his had written to him asking for help. Carson is angry that she read his private letter. He used to be a song & dance man with this friend who is nearly homeless.

Tom Branson asks Mr. Carson, the head butler to encourage Mary to handle the estate of her late husband. She is outraged at Carson because she is still grieving. Thomas goes to Lady Cora about Nanny West with whom he accuses her of leaving the kids unattended. Nanny believes she is not part of the staff & thinks she can order the servants around.

Mary angrily interrupts her family at dinner & screams at them that she is still grieving over Matthew. She believes that when Matthew died something had left her. Violet Crawley goes to her & asks whether she wants to live or die because she has a son to raise.

Will Mary snap out of her grief & move on with life? Will Isobel Crawley take in Mr. Carson's friend so that he won't be homeless? Will Edith go off with the married man? - You can watch the full two-hour episode at the official website of “Downton Abbey.”

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