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PBIFF 19 wraps up with Jason Priestley

Apples are yummy!
Apples are yummy!
Steven Lebowitz

The 19th Annual Palm Beach International Film Festival has come to an end. It ended, where it started at Cinemark Palace 20 Theaters and Bogart's of Boca. The theater and wrap up party was packed as moviegoers and fans were hoping to get a glimpse of the closing night film's director, Jason Priestley. They got much more than a glimpse as the director and famous actor shook hands, posed for pictures and spoke to all those around him at the party. His film, "Cas & Dylan" was a hit for all those in attendance.

Jason Priestley at PBIFF 19
Steven Lebowitz

Jason was not the only Priestley present for the closing night of PBIFF. His 6-year old daughter, Ava was also there with him. She was eating an apple on the red carpet and when I asked her what she liked best about apples her response was, "They're yummy!" Ava's duties went beyond accompanying her daddy. She helped President and CEO of the film festival, Randi Emerman announce the wining films of the film festival.

Best Feature Film: "Life Inside Out"

Best Documentary Feature: "Faberge: A Life of its Own"

Best Short Film: "Brighton"

Audience Choice Award for Best Feature Film: "Cathedral Canyon"

Audience Choice Award for Best Documentary: "Lion Ark"

Audience Choice Award for Best Short Film: "Tobacco Run"

"We have the best filmmakers from around the world," commented Randi later in the evening. "They touched our hearts. We love them and I look forward to seeing their next films." Next year PBIFF hits the big XX and perhaps we will get to see some of those filmmakers again.