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PBC’s Choice Program students on the move in Fla.

It can be agreed by many knowledgeable parents, teachers and students that Palm Beach County School District’s Choice Programs help students to thrive in their educational process through learning, enjoyment. of the work, and for some, the experience of traveling to facilities to observe and even participate 7n what a particular program may offer.

PBC’s Choice Program students are being exposed to an invaluable amount of information and experiences.

Palm Beach Lakes Community High School students visited the University of Florida’s Center for Pre-collegiate Education and Training to work with scientists and researchers conducting advanced Biology and Biotechnology labs last month. Students from the Biotechnology Choice program extended activities that began at school on Cholera and the impact it is currently having on Haiti and the Haitian population. The activity included learning about the V. cholera bacteria and performing an assay to determine the water wells and specific patients that were contaminated. Students also completed Public Service Announcements to warn the Haitian population of the effects of Cholera.

The Biotechnology II students also studied different types of bacteria samples, including V. cholera and grew and cultured them to take on their trip. During the visit to UF, students extended their knowledge by running a protein gel electrophoresis on their samples cultured in the biotechnology lab at Palm Beach Lakes High School. Samples were left with UF scientist, Dr. Sixue Chen, where they will be run through a mass spectrometer for data that will then be returned to the students for further analysis. The biotech students were also visited by Ms. Lori Wojciechowski, the coordinator for the Center of Excellence for Regenerative Health Biotechnology, who spoke to them about what the biotechnology industry is really like.

Thirty-one Palm Beach Gardens Pre-Med Sophomores recently took a Field Trip to the University of Florida (UF). Because their teacher completed a Summer Science Institute through the Center for Pre-collegiate Education and Training at UF, the teacher had the opportunity to bring a group of students for a day filled with science education about UF’s health science programs

PBC’s Choice Program students are being exposed to an invaluable amount of information and experiences that will no doubt prepare those that are career focused to expect high levels of achievement as they move forward and work diligently at school and in their communities.

REF: SDPBC (Press Release) Public Affairs Office Jan. 2014


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