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Paying someone to do your homework

Paying someone to do your homework
Paying someone to do your homework
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Talk about a cool pop culture trend. Hiring someone to do your homework sounds like a feat accomplished by those Rich Kids of Instagram, the selfsame ones who we love to see flaunting their drawers full of watches, or getting helicopter rides to their yachts. Their Instagram posts reflect a #PenthouseLife that doesn’t necessarily include much time for researching essay papers and studying for exams in between winery visits and Rodeo Drive shopping adventures, although plenty of them may prefer to do their own learning – at least in order to continue the trend of “wealthiness” down to their progeny.

The best part about living in the Information Age is that everything is for sale, providing those with the means to buy the products and services the time to do other things they prefer. Don’t have the time to scour the web to come up with background research for that 1,000-word white paper that’s due tomorrow? Hire online researchers to come up with the facts for you.

Don’t feel like pouring through the entire “Twelve Years a Slave” book to come up with questions to teach your students? Buy them from Amazon instead – although the original book is really worth a read. Sure, this type of “CliffsNotes” maneuvering and stuff is frowned-upon by those who consider it a shortcut or cheating – at least if students are using it to completely buy their way through school and a straight-A record. On the other hand, using the resources available on hand in order to delegate tasks to others who are better qualified to provide the answers can also be viewed as the most ingenious stuff in the world. Is it better to flunk out of a class because a student feels alone, without a tutor – or wiser to pay for the help needed in order to learn and progress?

This journalist isn’t advocating that students pay for essays that they’ll then use word-for-word, and afterward get caught by savvy teachers who know how to use CopyScape in order to check for duplicates. But using money or available credit on hand to help purchase base research or term papers that can be built upon with your own thoughts and feelings? I’m all for that method of getting homework done.

Students can’t be too obvious about the help they seek. I’ve seen plenty of job postings on Elance get removed soon after they are posted that make it clear the student is paying someone to do all their homework for them. Others that are subtler, such as jobs posted by those seeking homework tutors, reports written, etc., tend to remain afloat.

In the end, it seems that those who know exactly what they want out of life and go for it hardily tend to succeed. Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard in his sophomore year, mainly because there was a fire burning in his soul to finish the project that would ultimately become an important service to the world. Sometimes going off the beaten path really bodes well.