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'PayDay 2' new DLC 'Election Day' launches for Steam on March 20

It was just a few days ago that Payday 2’s newest DLC was teased by 505 Games and Overkill Software. On Wednesday morning the teasing ended and Election Day was officially unveiled. This newest Payday 2 content was shrouded in mystery with little information being made available beyond a teaser video in the form of a fake campaign video. That hinted that campaigning or an election would be part of a new heist and that information was confirmed by the newest Payday 2 information.

Payday 2 Election Day DLC-slide0
505 Games/Overkill Software
Payday 2 newest DLC includes election day antics
505 Games

In Payday 2: Election Day, players again take on the roles of either Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf or Chains as they head to Washington, DC. The Election Day heist, which is actually the third free DLC update to Payday 2 sees gamers take a contract from a corrupt politician who is known only as “The Elephant.”

In the new mission, Payday 2 players must help The Elephant get his hand-picked man, Bob McKendrick into the DC mayor’s office. In order to do this, Payday 2 heisters must located a number of different voting machines and hack them so they show McKendrick winning. This Payday 2 mission must be pulled off without people getting suspicious of The Elephant in the process.

This new heist isn’t the only thing that comes along with the Payday 2: Election Day DLC. Gamers also get a new free weapon in the Chimano custom pistol. In order to get the weapon you simply need to join the Payday 2 community on Steam.

New weapons and new heists aren’t the only new thing coming with Payday 2’s latest DLC update. 505 Games and Overkill pride themselves on listening to their communities of “Heisters.” In Payday 2 the companies claim they are demonstrating that they have listened by upgrading the stealth abilities so it is easier to use and much more effective. There have also been skill changes in order to carry out the stealth approach.

In order to celebrate the new Election Day DLC launch, the game developers have announced that Payday 2 will be free to play on Steam from March 20 through March 24. If those who play the game free decide they like it, they can also buy Payday 2 and all DLC packs for 66 percent off the regular price. If gamers decide they want everything that goes along with this popular series, they can also purchase Payday: The Heist for 80 percent off the regular price.

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