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PayAnywhere touts tips for boosting email marketing

PayAnywhere touts tips for boosting email marketing
PayAnywhere touts tips for boosting email marketing

One of the many things mobile payment processor PayAnywhere is known for is being not only a payment processing tool, but a professional resource. They have an informative blog where they provide access to tips and tricks their users can turn to, to increase the success of their business. Their tips cover a wide range of topics including increasing your email subscriptions.

PayAnywhere realizes the importance of driving traffic to your mobile and online sales sites, as well as building your email subscription list to increase your conversions. Since many online entrepreneurs do their own marketing, PayAnywhere suggests the 3 tips below.

  • Create A Blog & Optimize It—A blog provides online entrepreneurs with a platform in which they can post topics related not just to their business or industry—but to engage with their target audience. However, creating a blog is not enough—it must be optimized with relevant and well-researched keywords.
  • Give Something Back—Customers love freebies, so find a way to provide a special perk. This could be something like an eBook for opting-in. Just make sure that your freebie is something your target audience would want or need. If not an eBook you can provide access to more in-depth information.
  • Get Social—Social media still plays a significant role in today’s world of online marketing. Social media is also an excellent method of creating organic backlinks to your website. The key to success with social media is consistency, and responding to all questions, comments, and messages.

By doing these 3 things consistently you will see your email subscriptions begin to rise.