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Pay increase .vs. evaluation

Are you the employee who begin their work day as soon as they punch the clock and end it after your scheduled shift has ended? Are you the employee who never calls out sick and shows up for work regardless if the inclement weather report insist that you stay off the roads?

Are you that employee who goes outside the box of your job responsibilities without being asked by your supervisor? If so according to Buck Consultants there is still no guarantee you will be given a raise.

Every year your boss calls you into his or her office to inform you of your performance for the previous year. They read you your evaluation which can be defined as their judgment of you as you sit there tentatively wondering if you should interrupt them when you hear something being said that you disagree with or remain silent and say nothing at all and ponder whether or not to if you would sign it.

Truth be told if you are on your job for more than one year you may notice that each year your evaluation does not change much and neither will your increase, you will notice that it is always that one negative point that keeps you from getting more than that base increase of 2% or 3%. So you have to ask yourself does it matter if you give your employer 100% or would you be better off just doing enough to get you by.

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