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'Pax Romana' and 'Clone' part of four comics titles picked up by SyFy

More, wait for it, indie comics are hitting TV development. And it's a good thing.

Letter 44: Writer - Charles Soule, Artist - Alberto Alberquerque
Oni Press

Ronin, Clone, Letter 44 and Pax Romana are going cable-side. SyFy picked up the four well-known indie comics according to Newsarama.

Of 300 and The Dark Knight Returns seminal recognition, Frank Miller was artist and writer behind his comic books inception Ronin. The graphic novel relays mysticism from feudal Japan and subgenre cyberpunk themes within a dystopian America, namely New York. The series was written by Miller in the early 80s. The ronin is the perservering hero-sojourner within this sci-fi galleria tale.

Pax Romana is the acclaimed ongoing series from its creator Jonathan Hickman, the writer also noted for an acclaimed Fantastic Four and East of West. Image Comics publishes the titular miniseries that began in 2007, finished in 2008 and is another title going to cable from Image. The Walking Dead being a vanguard adaptation from the California-based company. For Pax Romana, re-braiding those razor twists of time becomes a messy situation for the Vatican that has sent modern soldiers with the mission of effecting Rome circa 4th century.

Audiences have been treated a peak and a valley in adaptations from well-known independent publisher Oni Press. "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" receiving good reviews, while "Whiteout" failed comics fans' and movie critics' expectations. The Portland-headquartered comic book publisher does contain a publication capita noting well-known titles in its catalog; which likely brings Letter 44 to SyFy notice. The space odyssey winding political-drama and realistic orbital exploration is largely the reason that the recently begun series (Oct. of 2013) has gained swift notice on this comic book written by Charles Soule (Red Lanterns, Thunderbolts).

Clone is the comics breakout brainchild written by David Schulner, best known for his television capacity of writer and producer. "Do No Harm", "Kings" and "The Event" mark some of the series with his scripting and production craftsmanship. Clone stands to be yet another adaptation with relative relationship to Image Comics. Schulner's ongoing series is published under Skybound, the imprint for image that was founded by The Walking Dead writer/creator Robert Kirkman.

No pilot date details for the quartet of adaptations have been released as of yet.


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