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Pax Obama

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Barack Obama described the world as being in an age of peace and prosperity unlike any other in history, which led to a unified response by both critics and supporters asking, “What world does he live in?” With Jihadis active throughout the Middle East, belligerent states like North Korea and Iran developing nuclear weapons, Russia invading neighboring countries, China threatening neighbors, Africans are starving and enslaving each other, Europeans are being infiltrated by Islamists, South and Central American countries are being run by drug lords terrorizing the populace to the point that children are trying to flee to the United States, and in the greatest country on the planet city streets are free fire zones for teenage gangs. On what planet does Barack Obama live?

Obama says world less violent now than ever

America’s leftwing liberals believe that disarming the U.S. military and citizens would solve all the problems of the world. They blame America for killing terrorists being the cause of more Moslems becoming terrorists. They blame citizens with concealed weapons for making criminals more violent in the cities. Conservatives say that American strength and armed citizens are what keeps the terrorists and criminals at bay and why those elements have turned to killing each other – which is a good thing for the rest of us who would live in peace.

Liberals see advancing weakness in the face of terrorism is the same as holding out an olive branch. If only there were some way to just let the terrorists have them to enslave without bothering the rest of us, then the liberals will be happily living in peace with terrorists. There is a reason why the world is going up in flames under Obama’s watch, and he appreciates the opportunity to tell simpletons that he is making the world better. Hail, Obama!

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