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PAWS Chicago presents Buttercup and Damen

Buttercup pleading for a forever home.
Buttercup pleading for a forever home.
PAWS Chicago

Yesterday an article appeared on Examiner about why some dogs are left behind in shelters and rescues when they are perfectly adoptable. There were many reasons described.

PAWS Chicago has two such dogs. When you look into their faces, you would never guess that they would be passed by. Both dogs are incredible dogs. All this rescue wants to do is find both of these canines a home of their very own. Let’s take a look at their stories:

· Buttercup:

Buttercup is looking for a family who has a big yard, preferably in the suburbs, where she has the space to play and be herself. Her foster family reports that she is wonderful at home (house-trained, affectionate, quiet, well-behaved) but can be shy around other animals or strangers (probably because this lovely lady has been overlooked for so long!). She would benefit from experienced adopters who can continue the training she is receiving at the Training Center.

· Damen:

Damen absolutely loves people and is highly trainable. Like many alert Terriers, he can be a little reactive when on a leash or when the doorbell rings, so he would benefit from a quiet home with experienced adopters who will continue the training he is currently receiving at PAWS Chicago’s Training Center. What makes Damen special is the time volunteers and staff has spent training him. He has basic and intermediate obedience training and is currently attending agility class. Damen is a fantastic running partner who runs four to five miles at a time every week! He loves belly rubs and has been known to fall asleep like a baby in the arms of volunteers he knows. This little guy has been at the shelter for almost a year and wants nothing more than a place to call home!

These two dogs are just examples of the struggle it is for some dogs to find a home. Sometimes there are reasons, background history, abandonment issues, or whatnot, but sometimes it is simply a matter of people being unaware of what a terrific pet a particular dog would make. Buttercup and Damen would both be loving family members if only someone would give them an opportunity.

If you would be interested, please contact:

Adoption Center

PAWS Chicago

1933 N. Marcey Street

Chicago, IL 60614


Buttercup and Damen both deserve to be loved. Won’t you be the person that gives one or both of these fantastic canines a chance at being loved?

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