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‘Pawn Stars’ Twitter death hoax says Chumlee is dead? Rumor debunked by show

Pawn Stars show proof of life for Chumlee
Pawn Stars show proof of life for Chumlee
Pawn Stars/Facebook

Pawn Stars cast member Chumlee, born Austin Russell, didn’t have a heart attack this week despite the rumors on Twitter. And he didn't die either. The latest celebrity news that turned out to be a Twitter death hoax has been difficult to dispute as the stars of the popular pawn show has tried to curb it, but the fake news keeps spreading. According to Reality TV World on Thursday, the boss of the shop, Rick Harrison, debunked the rumors on Twitter.

“Breaking news: CHUMLEE IS ALIVE & WELL! He is actually filming today but we all really appreciate everyone's concern!" tweeted Rick Harrison from his official Twitter account. The messages should have been enough for fans, but it doesn’t appear that the fake news has stopped spreading.

On the Pawn Stars Facebook page the show also shared a picture of Chumlee to show fans that the star is still standing and not dead. Plus the new episode of Pawn Stars will offer a look at Chumlee as he continues working at the famous pawn shop in Las Vegas. Of course the video was shot weeks (if not months) ago, but it still offers proof the star is alive.

So what starts a Twitter death hoax? Usually a viewer who has an issue with a show. Or someone who needs a hobby, but spends time spread falsehoods for fun. The worst part about a Twitter death hoax is that it is easier to stop than start. Unless it is known that the information is false, it might take on a life for a while. Which is bad news for Chumlee, but good news for the show as people will tune in to watch the new episode of Pawn Stars on Thursday night