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Pawn Stars' Corey Harrison's 192-pound weight loss: I work out every day now

Pawn Stars' Corey Harrison after 192-pound weight loss surgery: Now works out 5 days a week
Ethan Miller/Getty Images, Corey Harrison/Instagram

Corey Harrison, star of "Pawn Stars," is in the best shape of his life after his stunning 192-pound weight loss following bariatric lap-band surgery.

Harrison, who has struggled with weight his entire life, had an epiphany when he was diagnosed with pre-diabetes in 2010. That's when he decided to get lap-band surgery and has never felt better.

"I was freaked about [being pre-diabetic], and I see where the place they do the lap bands and pulled in," Corey, 31, told ABC News July 20.

Four years ago, Harrison wasn't a famous reality TV star and couldn't afford the lap-band surgery, so he used four credit cards to pay for the procedure. Looking back, Corey said it was worth every penny because it helped him completely overhaul his lifestyle.

Corey Now Works Out Five Day a Week

The once-sedentary Harrison, who once tipped the scales at 402 pounds, now weighs 210 pounds and works out five days a week, doing fat-blasting boxing workouts. "I'm actually excited to go to the gym now," he told People. "I box 12 rounds a day, five days a week."

Harrison said he's able to maintain his weight loss after four years because he's no longer physically capable of overeating, and can only hold four to five ounces of food in his stomach.

Corey's transformation inspired his "Pawn Stars" cast mate, Austin "Chumlee" Russell, to lose weight. Austin recently lost 95 pounds through diet and exercise. "I started at 320 pounds and now I'm down to 225," said Russell.

Harrison joins a growing list of celebrities getting bariatric surgery. Rosie O'Donnell has lost more than 50 pounds since getting gastric-sleeve surgery in August 2013.

Comedian Lisa Lampanelli got gastric-sleeve surgery in April 2012 and lost 106 pounds in less than a year. Similarly, celebrity chef Graham Elliot has lost 155 pounds since getting gastric sleeve in July 2013.

Bariatric surgery has soared in popularity, as more medical experts embrace the procedure for producing dramatic weight loss and for reversing diabetes and heart disease. But bariatric surgeons said they remain troubled by the negative stigma surrounding weight-loss surgery, insisting it's not the "easy way" out by any means.

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