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'Pawn Stars' 192-pound weight loss: Corey Harrison loses half his body weight

'Pawn Stars' star Cory Harrison loses almost 200-pounds after lap band surgery.
'Pawn Stars' star Cory Harrison loses almost 200-pounds after lap band surgery.
Pawn Stars/ Facebook

Pawn StarsCorey Harrison dropped 192-pounds and it took his doctor putting him on preventive diabetes drugs to prompt him into action. Harrison said he literally drove from the doctor’s office to the lap band surgery center and booked a surgery that day, according to ABC News on July 11.

This “Pawn Star” was over 400-pounds at his heaviest and the scare of having to ward off diabetes has changed his life today. He said he could do things that he hasn’t been able to do since he was a kid.

According to the East Idaho News, Harrison said, “"I could never go back to weighing as much as I did. It made me realize what I ate, how I ate and what I did to myself." He never looked back after the surgery and now that he is able to do things like snowboarding, which is something that was hard for a 400-pound man to do. He is busy reaping the rewards from this weight loss.

When Harrison went for the lap band surgery, he wasn’t rich and he didn’t have the elaborate amount of money that the surgery was going to cost. He didn’t care, he knew he had to save his life.

He threw down four credit cards to use for payment of the surgery. Maxing out his credit cards for this weight loss surgery was probably the best thing Harrison ever did for himself.

Once losing the weight he started exercising, he can be seen in the backroom of “Pawn Stars” in one episode jump roping. He also boxes and says he goes 12 rounds a day, which is a sport he is able to do again weighing 200-pounds instead of 400.

This reality TV star actually lost half of his body’s weight since starting this weight loss process. When Harrison is seen in the season opener immediately after the surgery, he is seen as being extremely dedicated to losing the weight.

Harrison said the fans have taken notice, when he runs into folks who watch the show they are always congratulating him on his weight loss. This is a big feat, it is not every day that you meet someone who has lost half their body weight.

People are not just proud of the work he has done, but they are in awe of this feat he’s accomplished. Harrison said he is getting used to people saying he looks like the guy from “Pawn Stars,” but he is much skinnier and better looking than the guy on TV!

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