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'Pawn Stars' 192 pound: Corey Harrison shows off 192 pound weight loss

Pawn Stars
Pawn Stars
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Pawn Stars' Corey Harrison showed off 192-pound weight loss, shedding half of his body weight after having lap-band surgery. According to ABC News, Harrison, also known as "Big Hoss," says that he was nervous about getting diabetes -- and it just took him one trip to his doctor to make the decision to have the surgery and help himself out. He, like many others, has had major success with the lap-band -- and he looks amazing.

Harrison explained:

"I literally drove straight from the doctor to the lap-band center and had the surgery almost immediately. Back then, the surgery was too expensive for my bank account, so I had to pay with four credit cards, but it was something I had to do – I was not going to get diabetes!"

The Pawn Stars cast member dropped 192 pounds total -- he lost the first 50 quite fast after surgery and the rest over the course of a year. Harrison says that he has learned a completely different way of eating and he has incorporated workouts into his schedule that really help him stay fit -- he boxes five days a week!

He added:

"I could never go back to weighing as much as I did. It made me realize what I ate, how I ate and what I did to myself."

Corey Harrison weighed 400 pounds at his heaviest. Since having the surgery in 2013, Big Hoss now weighs 210! It's unknown if he plans on losing any more weight, but he is really proud of himself so far -- and he should be! He's just about half the size he used to be; It's just taking a bit of time for him to get used to it all.

Harrison said:

"When I meet fans, they are always congratulating me on the weight loss. They actually say, 'You look just like that guy from 'Pawn Stars,' but you are a lot skinnier and better looking than him.'"

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