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Lean Goodier (left) and Lori Garcia
Lean Goodier (left) and Lori Garcia
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By Ed Duffy

Lori Garcia and Lena Goodier have over 25 years experience in the pet grooming business between them. When they decided to open their own business together they wanted it to be more than just a place for Fido to get a haircut. They wanted it to be a creative outlet as well. That's what you'll find at Pawcasso's dog and cat grooming at 1805 Main Street in Security.

Lori Garcia grew up in Holyoke, Massachusettes. After High School she moved to Florida where she went to work for what was then a fledgling company called Two Men and a Truck. She began in customer service and after four years had worked her way into the Operations Manager position. She held that job for the next eight years. She moved to Colorado in 2001, when her first husband was transferred to Fort Carson.

She owned a schauzer and a poodle at the time and thought it would be helpful if she could learn to groom them herself. She started volunteering at a local groomer just to learn how it’s done. As it turned out, she very much liked the job and took regular employment at Dog and Suds (Now Fancy Paws) and later Pet Pawlor. She ran her own grooming business, Pampered Pets for several years and then sold it when she and her husband Jessie moved to Texas in 2008 for medical reasons. The move was short-lived however. The heat, the bugs and traffic outweighed any health benefits and they soon moved back to Colorado Springs.

Lena Goodier was born in Dushanke, Todjeekistan (Russia). She had her own grooming/pet shop and veterinary clinic there for fifteen years. In 2008 she came to the United States to visit friends and met her husband Paul. They were married in 2009 in Turkey. They weren’t able to marry in the U.S. because Lena’s dog actually ate her passport and visa. They eventually got the passport situation worked out and in 2009, she and Paul finalized the sale of her business in Russia and returned to the Springs, where Paul owns an x-ray services business.

Lena got a job at the Pet Pawlor, where Lori was also working. They soon became good friends and shared their common desire to have their own place again. In 2011 they put it all together and opened Pawcasso’s.

They brought with them their many years of acquired skills and experience as well as a vision of a customer focused, clean, professional and fun establishment. You’ll find coffee, cookies, pretzels and snacks in the lobby for the humans and home-made, all natural biscuits for the pets. In fact, all of their products are all natural. They also make use of the latest technology, including the Master Equipment E-lift, which means your dog can simply step in to the tub, which is then raised to optimum height for the groomer. They offer the full range of grooming services and can also pamper your pet with things like blue berry facials, fermenator de-shedding and hot oil treatments. Of course Lena speaks fluent Russian, which is a plus for the over 7,000 Russian Americans living in and around Colorado Springs.

Of course it wouldn’t be Pawcassos without creative coloring as well. Lori and Lena can give your dog or cat just about any look you can imagine. It’s safe, fun and sure to turn heads. The next time your pet needs a trim or a good bath, consider something new and different. Check out Pawcasso’s at 1805 Main Street, ste B (just west of the Diamond Shamrock), in Security. They’re open Monday through Saturday from 8am to 5pm and you can reach them at 719-392-4092.


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