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Pause. Your mouth is your ruin

Make me wanna scream!

There is life and death in the tongue. Somewhere in time, somewhere in mind; before thought is formed, before words are shaped and before sentences are configured, there is a place of rest. Rest is where we’ll find pause; a suspension of time or a temporary stop before a release. It is a method of control that supports clear choice and an understanding of consequence. It is a place to gather thoughts before they become words and proves to be most effective when communicating with another. Yet although we have advanced exponentially in technology all around the world, we still have not mastered the art of erasing hurtful words from memory and heart, even with the most sincere apology. With a pause, we can consciously select an option to harm none with words from our mouth or choose to not speak at all!

Begin with a simple breath, an inhale and an exhale to center and focus. Be still. No matter what arises that may cause, damage, insult or injury, pause is a place where self-awareness remains, undamaged, unstained, and unharmed. Don’t say something in voice or in print, you may regret. Pause. Remember, your mouth can be your peace and fortune or “Your mouth is your ruin”

Proverbs 18.7

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