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Pauly Shore in Cincinnati


Comedian/actor Pauly Shore

Satire is a tricky thing, even in the experienced hands of a comedian/actor like Pauly Shore. A few years ago, while performing in Odessa, Texas, he decided to do a parody/publicity stunt hot on the heels of Michael Richards infamous tirade. During his set Shore was interrupted by a young lady in the audience. He told her to shut up, prompting her rather muscular boyfriend to confront the comedian on stage. Despite an apology and pleas to back off, the man punched Shore knocking him to the floor. The comic called the crowd “white trash” before scurrying off the stage.

“It was me just being creative,” Shore explains, “trying to come up with something different. As a writer, or a comedian, or an actor you’re always thinking of different things all the time…the stuff with the video phones I thought it would be funny to capitalize on it if I got beat up. So, I had the whole audience (and the police) in on it. It would have gone a little farther if the police department didn’t say that it was a joke and we were all playing around.”

For a while, though, word spread across the Internet. It was only after the cops quickly fessed up, that the story unraveled. Not bad for a man who won several Razzie Awards in the ‘90s for worst actor. These days Shore continues to not only do standup, but write, produce and star in independent films. His 2003 effort Pauly Shore is Dead didn’t win him any Razzies, but it did get critical acclaim while winning the Audience Choice Award at the Slamdunk Film Festival, an alternative to the Sundance Film Festival.

In 2005 Shore had a reality program on TBS called Minding the Store. The program followed his efforts to run his mother’s business, the world-famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles. It wasn’t picked up after its initial run of 10 episodes, but Shore still feels that some positive things came out of it. “I thought the show was funny, and I also thought it was a good shot in the arm for The Comedy Store, getting publicity back out there and reestablishing it with people.”

The show’s demise, he feels, may have been because there wasn’t enough turmoil for a reality show. “(If) you’re not slobbering all over yourself, or…on pills or your beating each other up, (you’re) not really going to last” Shore says. “I was always the normal one on the show.”

As for his stand-up, don’t look for a nostalgia set from “The Wea-sel.” “I don't come out and do (‘what’s up buh-ddy?’),” Shore explains. “I kind of make fun of it in a light-hearted way. I address that. It’s like you want to give the audience what they want to hear as well, (but) it’s…not who I am anymore. Are you the same way you were 15 years ago?”

From there Shore says “I’ll just start flowing with everything that’s going on whether, it’s the Imus thing, whether it’s the Alec Baldwin thing. (There’s also) traveling, girls, relationships current events, politics.”

On the subject of current events, Shore thinks he may be partly responsible for the present situations in Iraq and Afghanistan. “They keep sending people over to Iraq (and Afghanistan),” he starts. “I don’t think that there’s anyway we’re going to win a war by (just) sending more troops, the problem is the troops that they’re sending.” Shore elaborates. “They’re all guys that saw (Shore’s 1994 comedy) In the Army 10 years ago, and thought it would be a good thing to join the army. Now they’re over there…getting shot at and then going ‘that (stupid idiot) Pauly Shore!’ Cuz I get a lot of Marines and Army people saying they joined because of that movie, so it’s my fault were not winning the war.” Pauly Shore performs at The Funny Bone on the Levy Friday October 9 and Saturday October 10.


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