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Pauley Perrette hospitalized: Suffers severe allergic reaction to black hair dye

Pauley Perrette has dyed her hair black for years for her role on "NCIS," but the last time she did, she had a severe allergic reaction to the hair dye causing her to go to the hospital.
Twitter/ Pauley Perrette

"NCIS" star Pauley Perrette is hospitalized after suffering an allergic reaction to black hair dye, which darkens her hair for her signature "NCIS" look. Perrette reports that the beauty product has caused her symptoms before, but apparently they've gotten much worse to the point she needed to be put into the hospital for treatment, according to the New York Daily News on July 23.

Perrette, who is a natural blonde, has been using the black hair dye for her role on "NCIS" and for the last year she's "battled symptoms" from the product. This time the product caused a severe reaction that swelled up her face, as seen in a picture above that she tweeted to fans.

When she dyed her hair this time, just as she has for years, it was obvious something was very wrong and she went right to the emergency room, suffering an allergic reaction. The aftermath of the reaction caused her face to remain a bit puffy, reports MSN Wonderwall.

The 45-year-old "NCIS" star tweeted to her half a million fans; "Did my head look a bit puffy on the red carpet last night? Turns out I was having a dangerous allergic reaction to hair dye."

This is when she posted a picture of herself in a hospital gown with her eyes almost swollen shut. The caption of the picture conveyed to her fans that this is what she looked like when she got to the hospital and she also added that it had gotten much worse after this picture was snapped.

As you can see by the picture above, she looks nothing like the Perrette that fans know from "NCIS." She looked totally different all swollen up from this reaction. She also said that what she has is an "acquired allergy," to hair dye from using it year after year.

She said that this is something that can happen to people who use hair dye for a long time. She tweeted that she just got home from the hospital, but while there her "head swelled up like a melon."

Perrette is taking advantage of this horrific event to warn others of this phenomenon. You can be using the dye without problems for years and then all of the sudden it turns on you. This hair dye reaction can "be especially bad" for people who use black hair dye, said the celebrity.

She is asking her fans who dye their hair to know the symptoms. This allergic reaction can be fatal, she said. "People have died. For real," she is warned her followers online. She wants her fans to be aware of this possibility when dying your hair, even if nothing has ever happened before.

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