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Pauley Perrette hospitalized: 'NCIS' star warns fans of hair dye allergy horrors

Pauley Perrette was hospitalized after a hair dye allergy escalated
Photo via Pauley Perrette's Twitter

NCIS” star Pauley Perrette was hospitalized recently after a hair dye job went very wrong. Now the actress is trying to warn others so they can avoid the trauma she went through. The Daily News shared the details on Tuesday.

Pauley Perrette's hospitalization came after she had dyed her hair black, a process she's gone through many times over the years. This time, however, things did not work out as planned. It turns out she had an allergic reaction to the dye and she found herself sitting in the hospital.

The “NCIS” actress explained what went wrong via Twitter. She says that she has been battling the hair dye allergy for a year, but it gets worse each time she goes through the process. She notes that it's an acquired allergy and this time her “head swelled up huge like a melon.”

Perrette is originally a blonde, but she's gone with the dark look for years and is known for her goth look on “NCIS.” However, it looks like this last scare may have her changing course. Pauley shared a photo of her swollen face while she was at the hospital, and it looks extremely uncomfortable. She mentions that those who dye their hair regularly, particularly if they go with a darker color, should educate themselves on hair dye allergies and be aware of the symptoms.

Luckily Pauley Perrette's hospitalization did not lead to anything more serious, as she has since returned home. However, the “NCIS” star did seem rattled by the incident and it will be interesting to see if she changes her look to avoid further issues.

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