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Paula Patton using paparazzi to keep tabs on cheating husband Robin Thicke

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Paula Patton has said that if wayward husband Robin Thicke to mends his cheating ways she’s open to taking him back. She has an army of unofficial detectives to keep her informed if Robin steps out of line again. According to a news report on March 3 from The Hollywood Gossip, Paula plans to use the paparazzi to help her keep tabs on Robin Thicke’s activities while he’s on tour. The best part of the deal is that she probably won’t have to pay them a dime. They'll be happy to keep her informed.

Paparazzi Will Gladly Keep Paula Informed

In the course of their normal activities, the paparazzi will be keeping a close eye on Robin Thicke’s behavior while he’s on tour – especially since he and Paula Patton announced their split. See Robin Thicke, Paula Patton News: New Details Emerge on Split

Paula wants to know which parties and after-parties Robin attends, who he’s hanging out with after his concerts and what he's doing. As the wife of a celebrity, and a celebrity herself, Paula knows the paparazzi will keep her, as well as everyone else informed.

Paula is depending on the paparazzi to be her unofficial private detectives and capture any questionable behavior from Robin on film. Of course they will be all too happy to oblige.

If Paula is smart, she’ll also avail herself of certain online services to keep further tabs on Robin, and who he’s in contact with. See Catch or Keep Tabs on Your Cheating Mate: These Online Services Can Help In fact, any woman with cheating a husband or boyfriend who doesn’t have the paparazzi at her disposal and can’t afford a private investigator can also use these same affordable services to keep tabs on, or catch her cheating mate.

Paparazzi Has Ratted Robin Thicke Out in the Past

Robin Thicke has a reputation for womanizing and the paparazzi has ratted him out before.

The night of Robin’s VMA twerking session with Miley Cyrus, he was caught with his hand under socialite Lana Scolaro’s mini dress groping her rear end. It wasn’t until the pictures made the rounds on the internet that Robin realized he and Scolaro were standing in front of a mirror which revealed his every move and the paparazzi had photographed the whole incident.

The following month the paparazzi photographed Robin Thick getting cozy with an unidentified woman at Club 79 in Paris.

So Paula can rest assured that if Robin makes one wrong move, the paparazzi will let her and the rest of the world know.

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