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Paul Walkers Impressive Car Collection

Paul Walker was not just another actor, he was also a fellow tuner who appreciated the craftsmanship of a well built import. Paul was an import enthusiast even before the Fast and the furious movies were even thought of. Of course being a well payed actor has its perks, one of those perks include the ability to be able to purchase a well built import or building your own high performance ride.

Here are pictures of Paul Walker in his prime
Here are pictures of Paul Walker in his prime
Paul Walker Fast and the Furious 2

In October of 2012 the host of The Smoking Tire reviewed an impressive car collection that a tuner could only imagine in his or her wildest dreams. At the time there was no mention on who the collection belonged to. Now Car buzz is showing the impressive collection with the confirmation that it belonged to the late Paul Walker. Check out the video and enjoy this impressive collection by one of the most iconic figures in the import enthusiast world.

RIP Paul Walker 9/121973 -11/30/2013