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Paul Walker's wishes revealed in will: His mom files guardianship for daughter

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Paul Walker’s mother has petitioned the court to become Paul’s daughter’s guardian. It sounds as if Paul wanted that way, considering he named his mom, Cheryl Ann Walker, as his 15-year-old daughter’s guardian in his will, according to Yahoo News on March 20.

The late “Fast and Furious” actor’s will was revealed in February and it he expressed his wishes that his mom watch over his teen daughter, apparently instead of the girl's mother. As of right now Meadow and her mother, Paul Walker’s ex-girlfriend, Rebecca McBrain, live with Cheryl Ann Walker.

Walker’s mom, who is a registered nurse, already has Meadow under her roof, but filing for the guardianship would let Cheryl Ann oversee all the aspects of the teen's life right now. She could also oversee how her granddaughter's inheritance is spent. Cheryl Ann claims that Rebecca has a drinking problem.

The will was created in 2001 and back then it said that Walker’s estate was worth $25 million. Meadow inherited $16 million and it is unclear where the rest of the estate went to. He left his daughter very well off and she will have a nice financial start in life thanks to her dad.

Meadow lived with her mother in Hawaii for a good part of her life so far. She moved back with her dad a few years ago and the father-daughter bond got very strong. He had Meadow’s name tattooed on his arm.

He also said during an interview shortly before he died that he would talk about the prospective movie roles that he was offered with his daughter to make sure she’s OK with him being gone for that chunk of time. He also said that he wasn’t looking for a mate as he was spending all his free time being a dad.

Walker realized his little girl would be with him for only a few more years because she was getting older and that it was important for him to enjoy that time with her before she set out to start her own life. It’s great how Walker’s mom is respecting his wishes and going for guardianship of his daughter. She sounds like a young girl well loved!