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Paul Walker's fans steal a memory of the accident, landing into a mess for thems

ZOMG Speed and furious Paul Walker
ZOMG Speed and furious Paul Walker

Paul Walker passed away in one of the saddest and also one of the most ironical demises ever. The star of "Fast and Furious" passed away in a car crash. But what is even more ironical is the way two of his "fans" decided to show respect.Without acknowledging the gravity of the situation, Anthony Janow,25 and Jameson Witty,18 walked away with the roof panel, when the remains of the fatal car crash, that is remains of Porsche Carrera GT were being carried off in a tow truck.

These two culprits cannot be said to have been unaware of the consequences of this act as they were warned by a Sheriff's deputy. A car accident attorney in Los Angeles affirmed the consequences. This incident only saw the light of the day as the tow truck driver felt the responsibility to inform the authorities of the same. But not that the accused were making any attempt to hide their theft, Jameson Witty, infact was flaunting pictures of the panel on Instagram. He later, through the same account, posted an apology but the harm had already been done to the memory of Paul.It is absurd that the fans did not realise the seriousness of the incident.

What kind of a person picks up a piece as a memoir from an accident site where an idol of his, breathed his last. A sensible person would know that any part picked up at that time or taken away later or even tampered with, would result in destruction of evidence. This thus makes this case a legal offence.

For all their mistakes put together,both were arrested and later released after payment of $20,000 as bail by Witty and $60,000 by Antony.Whereas Witty had himself surrendered on 10 December, Antony had been arrested a week earlier than that.And now if convicted of all charges,they can be jailed for up to four years and six months in county jail.

Kudos to the truck driver who's responsible attitude and consequent reporting led to the search warrants being issued for a home in Canyon Country. All over, this theft incident, makes us, as fans more conscious of how to actually pay an idol respect and not to be casual about such a grave issue.

What true respect is, has been demonstrated by the team of "Fast and Furious" who have first of all put the sixth movie of the franchise on hold and have further announced thay they would donate to Walker's charity "Reach out Worldwide", from the sales of Fast and Furious six. This is indeed true respect as Walker was coming back from a fundraiser for this very non-profit organisation,when the crash took place.

Roger Rodas,38, Walker's financial advisor and friend, was driving and he died on the spot too. The car had crashed into a light pole in Santa Clarita, and while Roger Rodas died from the impact of the crash, Paul died because of the injuries and burns,which were a result of the ensuing flames.

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