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Paul Walker's brother films 'Fast and Furious 7': Latest on production teased

Paul Walker's brother has stepped in to finish "Fast and Furious 7." New set photos show his brother hard at work with the cast to make sure that Walker's final project is completed and released to the world. Walker died on Nov. 30, and many thought the film might be shelved because production was only half finished at the time of his death. Yahoo News reported on the latest news from the set of this production on May 18.

It is safe to say that fans did not expect to hear news of Paul Walker's death in November. At the age of 40, the actor was still filled with life, and he had a lot more that he wanted to do with his life as well. It was not an illness that took Walker from his friends and family too soon, but a fiery car crash that happened outside a charity event Walker was hosting. The driver of the car also died during the crash. Production was set to restart on the film the next day. The cast had taken a break for Thanksgiving.

Following his death, production on the film halted while the cast and drew mourned the death of their friend. The cast of the film is more like a family. Many of the main members of the cast have worked together since the release of the first film over a decade ago. This family has welcomed Walker's brothers onto the set. Cody and Caleb Walker will stand in on set for their brother, and technology will impose Paul Walker's face over theirs.

This is something that could not have been done several years ago. Without this new technology, "Fast & Furious 7" might have been shelved by Universal. The movie studio has made big plans for this franchise, and it was revealed before Walker's death that Universal planned to continue the franchise through "Fast 10" at least. It is not yet known if those plans will move forward after his death. The writers did have to find a way to re-write parts of the script to handle Walker's departure. It was made clear that the franchise would not kill Walker's character off.

Ludacris spoke about filming and the fact that Paul Walker's brothers have joined in the production. The actor spoke about the production when he stopped at "The Ellen Degeneres Show" earlier this week. He said that the film would be "something special" to see, and it would "honor" Walker's legacy. He also admitted that Cody and Caleb both look and sound a lot like Paul. He called it "scary" the resemblance between the three siblings.

Production resumed at the end of March on this film, and it will continue on. The crew involved with the production did reveal that the most important scenes of the film had already been filmed prior to Walker's death. It is the action scenes that are now being completed, according to People Magazine. This means that Cody and Caleb are most likely filming racing scenes that Paul did not have the chance to complete before his death.

What do you think? Will you be going to see "Fast & Furious 7" when it is released next April? Share your thoughts below.

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