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Paul Walker in a fan photo: Does picture offer eerie premonition of his death?

Paul Walker in a fan photo a premonition of his death? Some are saying that it is, if you know where to look!
Paul Walker in a fan photo a premonition of his death? Some are saying that it is, if you know where to look!

Was Paul Walker’s death predicted by a picture that offers an eerie premonition? A picture of Walker with a fan was posted online a few months after his death, but some folks analyzing this picture today call it too much of a coincidence, according to The Inquisitr on Aug. 19.

Were the planets aligned and a certain star shining on Walker in September of 2013 when a Reddit user had a chance encounter with Walker at a restaurant in Atlanta? The two pose for a seemingly generic picture, both looking like they could be old friends who are just happy to be hanging out together.

That picture upon closer inspection by some online sleuths shows Walker and the unnamed fan standing in front of a restaurant named Six Feet Under. The restaurant’s address is on Memorial Drive. In the background, you can see the famous Oakland Cemetery with headstones dotting the landscape.

The photo was confirmed to have been taken at the Six Feet Under Restaurant by the restaurant’s manager, reports the Inquisitr. So is this seemingly eerie observation nothing more than a coincidence or was the world starting to align for the day that Walker would leave this Earth?

KDrama Stars suggests that this photo is a premonition of Walker’s car crash. The reasons are laid out, but it is a bit of a stretch one might say. As far as this unnamed fan in the picture, he thought the world of his meeting with Walker. He said that the star actually sat down and talked to him about other things besides his celebrity status and movie roles.

Walker was in Atlanta filming “Fast 7” and his daughter was due to fly in to see him later that day and Walker was thrilled to be seeing her. The fan who appeared in the picture with Walker originally posted the picture to tell his story of his encounter with Walker, which was down to Earth.

Some may say people have over analyzed this picture of Walker and to label it as a picture that was predicting that ill-fated day to come might be a bit of a stretch. Those folks are probably right, but it just goes to show how well-loved Walker was that people are willing to analyze anything that’s left behind to help in explaining why he went so young.

Walker was a super-hero of sorts in these “Fast and Furious” films, so he had many, many fans out there. Trying to make sense of him dying young isn’t an easy feat, so sometimes turning to things beyond control of humans, might offer some comfort.

It was an odd coincidence that Walker ate at Six Feet Under on Memorial Drive, but how many other people who are now deceased have had a meal or two there during their lifetime? Any way that you want to look at it, Walker’s gone and he is still very missed by his fans.

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