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Paul Von Ward to speak at Phoenix MUFON on Saturday

Writer-cosmologist Paul Von Ward will present a lecture to Phoenix MUFON on Saturday, March 22 at 2 PM at the University of Advancing Technology,2625 W. Baseline Rd., Tempe. Von Ward has developed a "self-learning cosmology" which postulates that human consciousness is a way for the universe to know itself, a concept echoed by Carl Sagan in his 1990 work Cosmos: A Personal Voyage and shared by Dr. Edgar Mitchell.

Paul Von Ward lays out a very large scale review of extraterrestrial contact with humanity and its complicated impact on our developmental process.
Larry Lowe/C-Realm Podcast

Von Ward is the kind of interdisciplinary thinker who can justifiably be called a Renaissance man. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Florida State University -- then earned two Masters degrees, one at FSU and one at Harvard. Trained in psychology, ordained as a Baptist minister, he became a U.S. naval officer in the Vietnam era. He was then appointed a U.S. diplomat by President Johnson. After nearly two decades of public service overseas and in Washington, DC, he resigned to found an international nonprofit dedicated to cross-cultural understanding and cooperation. He became a leader in the citizen-diplomacy movement leading to Gorbachev's perestoika policies in the former USSR and private American bridges to China and other nations.

Von Ward's most recent book is We've Never Been Alone: A History of Extraterrestrial Intervention. It is an update of his 2004 work Gods, Genes and Consciousness which is required reading for anyone interested in the big-picture overview of human civilization. In it, Von Ward re-frames the current human story of our origins, the basis of supernatural religions, the institutions of kingship and theocratic governments, and provides plausible explanations of our genetic evolution. An interview of Von Ward about that work was conducted in early 2013 by the Phoenix UFO Examiner for the C-Realm Podcast.

He also explains the basis of previous and present cultural and religious wars and exposes the reasons why science has failed to incorporate the possibility of other conscious/intelligent beings who have and continue to interact with humans in the research and theoretical process.

Fundamental in Von Wards big-picture overview is the concept of Advanced Beings, which he refers to simply as 'AB's, who interacted with humanity and the psychological implications on our early cultures when they, for whatever reasons, decided to withdraw to allow a set of re-constituted human societies scattered around the globe to evolve on their own. When that happened, psychological factors operating on the society as a whole gave rise to a dependence upon religion and a lack of cosmic historical context later fostered a now nearly religious dependence upon science and technology.

In essence, Von Ward's work is the grand unification theory for the popular television series Ancient Aliens, now bringing these ideas to a broad segment of the population.

His first book, Dismantling the Pyramid (of government), in 1981 added to the Washington debate on government reform. His multifaceted career and continuing education prepared him to become an interdisciplinary cosmologist and prolific, independent scholar. His 1990's book Solarian Legacy combined current science in many disciplines to develop a "self-learning cosmology" to explain the universe's evolution, including humans. Gods, Genes, & Consciousness provides an alternate interpretation of ancient texts to encompass the possibility of nonhuman influences on the history of human development. His 2008 book The Soul Genome: Science and Reincarnation is the first comprehensive scientific analysis of the many areas of empirical evidence that support the concept of reincarnation.