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Paul Vallely claims recorded statements were "absolutely false"

Paul Vallely
Paul Vallely

Anyone holding onto hope that the former army general Paul Vallely would succeed in overthrowing the United States democracy where Larry Klayman had failed is going to be very disappointed to learn that Vallely is already trying to run away from his record.

In an undated statement posted on his Stand Up America website, Vallely decries statements circulating around the web showing his support for a military coup as "absolutely false."

"Statements on the web and elsewhere that attribute me as supporting a coup are absolutely false. From the day I took my oath as a young Army lieutenant to this very day I have supported and defended the Constitution of the United States.

A coup is counter to the guiding principles laid out there. Disagreement and dissension are not! It’s time for change in America and I support that change – but only in a lawful, Constitutional manner." - MG Paul E. Vallely (US Army-Ret.)

Unfortunately for Vallely, the counter-extremism website has recorded audio of Vallely proposing exactly such on multiple occasions.

Vallely is on the record telling a Tea Party rally that he would "absolutely lead" an anti-Obama revolution, proposing a citizen's arrest of Obama, and even expressing a belief that the "traditional process" of government would be insufficient to remove Obama from office and instead recommending an Egyptian-style uprising.

If Vallely honestly believes he can flat out lie about statements that he was recorded making and get away with it, what are the odds that it is within his capacity to rally Americans against a leader elected by them?

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