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Paul Stanley talks KISS summer tour

Paul Stanley (far R) with his KISS band mates
Paul Stanley (far R) with his KISS band mates
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

In the 40 years they’ve been together, KISS has released over 40 records for their adoring fans. They’ve survived changes in music and changes in band members. The rockers have survived death, divorce, alcohol, and drugs.

And with each challenge the band has become stronger.

Everyone knows how much Detroit loves KISS. No matter what, the band is always welcomed to our city with open arms. We’re very passionate about this band – to say the least.

Local KISS fans look forward to the upcoming KISS tour, which includes a stop at the DTE Energy Music Theatre in Clarkston next month.

In an interview with writer Josh Rotter, KISS front man Paul Stanley gave some hints as to what fans can expect this time around.

‘I believe that this is the best stage we've ever had. We call it the Spider Stage, because the lights are actually in the shape of a spider and dangling down onto the stage, and they move. I wanted a stage where the lights and the stage were one. So the lighting and the stage are by far the best things we've done. The band is firing on all cylinders….,’ Stanley said.

As for what makes KISS unique as compared with other bands, Stanley said,

'There are countless acts nowadays who sing on a song that was put together on a coffee table on somebody's computer, and then auto-tuned, and you know damn well that those people are not going to be able to put on a show. So many artists that have downloads in huge numbers are not those that you want to see live, because they haven't learned the craft. Those with the money put on shows with a bunch of dancers jumping over each other and a microphone that isn't turned on. And I certainly don't want this nonsense that it's impossible to dance around and sing. Tell that to the Temptations, Ike and Tina, and James Brown. It's not, 'I lip-sync because you can't sing and dance around.' It's 'I lip-sync because I can't sing.' When you come to see Kiss, you know you're seeing the real deal and something that's proven time and time again.’

Read more from Paul Stanley here.

KISS hits the DTE Saturday August 23. For more information and to purchase tickets, go to Ticketmaster.

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