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Paul Simon was the one who dialed 911 during domestic incident with wife

New details are being released in what police in Connecticut described as a domestic violence incident between iconic folk singer Paul Simon and his singer / songwriter wife Edie Brickell. The celebrity songsters were both arrested at their New Canaan home last weekend after someone dialed 911 from their residence, but then hung up. After police arrived, both Simon and Brickell were charged with disorderly conduct.

Brickell told police she was confronting Simon after he did something ‘that broke her heart.’

Police reports released on May 1 and shared by Fox News revealed that it was the 72-year-old Simon who called 911 from a recording studio located on the couple’s property. Those same reports disclosed that police could hear the couple arguing when they arrived on the scene, and that the much younger and taller Brickell had slapped Simon.

Although Brickell, 47, didn’t go into detail, she told the police that her husband had done something “that broke her heart;” and she decided to confront him on the issue. Neither Simon nor Brickell walked away from that incident unscathed. The reports stated that Brickell “smelled of alcohol,” and suffered a bruised wrist, while Simon sustained a superficial cut on his ear.

Brickell told the police that this wasn’t the first time their relationship suffered “physical confrontations.” Brickell also informed the police that she had a lump on her head.

Sgt. Joseph Farenga wrote in his report, “No matter how much I asked Brickell if Simon had injured her more than what I saw on her wrist, she would not say that he did and there was no evidence to suggest the lump on her head was caused by Simon or that it occurred that night.”

Police split the couple up for the night after their altercation, with Simon spending the night in Manhattan; but they appeared together in court for their arraignment on Monday holding hands and saying that neither felt the other to be a threat.

"Both of us are fine together," Simon told Superior Court Judge William Wenzel. "We had an argument and it's atypical of us and neither one of us has any fear or any reason to feel threatened." ~ ABC News

Interestingly enough, and on an optimistic musical note, Simon and Brickell posted a duet on Brickell's website just yesterday. Their song of the day, "Like To Get To Know You," has a country western flavor to it, and is about a couple experiencing some difficulties – but ends in an upbeat and hopeful fashion.

Simon and Brickell are due back in court on May 16. For more on the story, see the video accompanying this article.

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