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Paul Ryan accuses IRS of lying

Taking the gloves off, Republican Representative (Wisconsin) Paul Ryan took a shot at IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, accusing him of lying in the investigation of Tea Party targeting.

I am sitting here listening to this testimony. I just – I don’t believe it….Nobody believes you.

The lies that piled up in the investigation were too much for Ryan, especially the inconvenient truth of Lois Lerner’s computer crash, which sent incriminating emails from 2009 to 2011 into the burial grounds of cyberspace.

The crash was resurrected from the 27-page cemetery of IRS’s letter on Friday. The emails had been requested in May. The crash occurred in February with the White House informed of it in April. No word of the mishap happened until it was too late. Rightfully so, Ryan could tolerate no more righteous rhetoric on the "accidental" loss of evidence.

Ryan leveled a blistering attack, accusing the IRS of misleading Congress, uttering unthruths couched in lengthy explanations, a continuing pattern of abuse, of not being forthcoming in the investigation, of targeting people for their political beliefs, and terrorizing Americans on tax issues. Ryan displayed the mettle of true Republicanism, if not impatience with obfuscation, and sees through the screen of double talking agency wonks in Washington.

Other Republicans might notice the virtues of disbelief. The righteous defense of wrongdoing in the administration is as obvious to Americans as it is to Republicans like Ryan. Enough lying is enough lying.

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