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Paul Ryan...a libertarian? Yeah, and so was Mussolini

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...not even libertarian-ish.

And furthermore, those that are telling you he even "leans" that way (here, here, here) are undoubtedly working against your interests.

The establishment media has effectively cloaked the neocon in libertarian sound bites and piecemeal ideological congruence.

When I say neocon, I should elaborate where he deviates from any semblance of a "small-government" facade:

TARP: Troubled Asset Relief Program: Paul Ryan voted YES --Universally opposed and virulently rejected by libertarians both in and out of the party, for two main reasons; a) Using violent force to plunder property (ie. taxes) to cover the bad bets of "favored" financial institutions is clearly wrong b) Propping up failed and failing industries, artificially creating demand and distorting otherwise healthy market forces by not allowing the shedding of dead weight (and thus immorally using violent force to shut out potential competition in the financial industry).

AUTO BAILOUTS: Taxpayer funds to "help" "struggling" companies (unwilling to liquidate and favored by Uncle Sam): Paul Ryan voted YES --How a libertarian can reconcile this is beyond me. Actually, they can't. Most libertarians I talk to understand that we could have been buying our kids SUV-sized Mars Rovers for Christmas last year if the market were truly unleashed, which includes shedding irrelevant and inefficient technologies and business models.

WAR: Afghanistan, Iraq, Patriot Act, & NDAA: Paul Ryan voted YES, he has certainly not rejected the use of violent force; whether against foreigners or Americans --This is irreconcilable with the libertarian position and the one theme in his voting record that stands out and inspired me to write this piece. Libertarians uphold that the use of any amount of aggressive force against person and property is immoral and ought to be the only laws punishable; but imagine mass-murder of innocent civilians including women and children in the name of "freedom" and "safety" with robot drones that incinerate their homes, makes me physically ill.

UNBALANCED BUDGETS: Congressional authorization of funding and increasing of originally set "limits" (a joke to even call them that anymore): Paul Ryan voted YES, he never saw a budget he didn't "come around" to --Again, wholly rejected by the whole of even milk-toast libertarian "leaners", and absolutely abhorred by those coming from the Rothbard school.

The fact he reportedly studied Austrian economics in his younger years makes his fiscal and overseas transgressions even more reprehensible, he was shown a path to peace and prosperity and he rejected it.

So, continue playing along if you'd like...but this cat is no more "small government" than Benito Mussolini.

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