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“Paul Revere Was as Crazy as Ever!”

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Known as the "Last Madman of Rock and Roll", Paul Revere and the Raider's returned to the South Point Hotel.

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This Examiner reviewed Paul’s show in the ‘80s and through the years. Paul’s manic offbeat antics continue pleasing audiences.

He jumps, yells, squirts water on the audience, dances, and even tells jokes in the middle of singing. His ad-libs are priceless! Paul seems like a kid who never grew up.

When Paul mentions Roy Rogers and Trigger, we hear a horse whinnying. They synchronize the sound effects cues to his comments. The Raiders joined him with their own version of slapstick comedy and dancing.

The group played "Louie, Louie", "Ups and Downs", "Raiders", "Good Things", "We Should be Together", "Birds of a Feather” and many other old favorites. During the evening, Paul kept drifting back into playing "Louie, Louie" twice.

Their three gold records prove that mixing music and comedy is a great combination. During the show, Paul discussed his gold records, Dick Clark, their group's television program, and other highlights of his career. Upbeat all the way through the evening, he delivered the show the audience expected!

Trading on his real name as usual, Paul Revere and his Raiders wore American Revolutionary War costumes. Paul said, "We are not going anywhere else dressed like this!" The audience wanted more. A smaller version of the large classic mustang's front grill and bumper hid Paul's keyboard.
Spike Jones, the City Slickers, Jerry Lee Lewis and the rock n' roll of the ‘50s influenced Paul Revere.

It all began in 1960, Paul Revere brought tapes of his group's song "Beatnik Sticks" and in only one week, five record companies said "yes". Gardena Records recorded them with the successful single "Like Longhair".

Their hits from the mid ‘60s included "Kicks" (Billboard Pop Chart#4), "Him or Me - What's It Gonna’ Be?" (#7), "Good Thing" (#5), "Hungry" (#5), and "Great Airplane Strike" (#20). Of these, "Kicks" became their best-known song, an antidrug message.

By 1967, with three gold albums to their credit, they were Columbia Records' top-selling rock group. They became successful fast and Paul’s fans followed him over the years.

Whether his family named Paul after Paul Revere, the man famous for his "midnight ride" to warn the Americans the British were coming or for whatever reason Paul seems proud of his name. Fate guided Paul by a costume shop and he found George Washington-style costumes! Paul laughed saying, "That is the way the old guys used to dress," and that started his reputation.