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Paula Patton left Robin Thicke over cheating scandal

Robin Thicke
Photo by Michael Loccisano

Ever since Robin Thicke and Paula Patton split fans have wanted to know what happened between the two. On Thursday, Radar Online shared that they have finally figured out what caused the split. You can now see Robin on his dad's new show "Unusually Thicke" on TVGN.

Reports are out that the split was caused by a cheating scandal but this is a strange one. The couple was actually involved with another woman. Her name hasn't been released, but for now they are calling her "Jasmine." They were using her to help spice up their marriage and it was something that was only done as a couple.

Now it appears that Robin Thicke took changed things up and was seeing her on the side. His wife Paula wasn't always around and this turned it into cheating. Once that happened, she was upset and wanted him to end things with her. Sources say that he had also cheated on her with other women as well.

This ongoing affair was just too much for Paula to take and she decided to split up with him. Robin has tried to win her back more than once, but so far he is not having any luck. He won't have any trouble finding someone to share his bed, but it is a lot harder to find someone to spend your life with and he will be missing out on that now.

The Hollywood Gossip even shared that he had a party at his house where you were not supposed to wear pants at all. Sources say he was able to get five different women back to his bed during that night. He was drunk, but enjoying himself and made it clear to the women what he wanted. They didn't seem to mind. It doesn't sound like Robin Thicke is lonely since Paula Patton called it quits with him.

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