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Paul Newman is star of the day tomorrow on TCM

Paul Newman 1954
Wikimedia Commons

TCM has been airing Summer Under the Stars, where each day in August a certain star gets sthe whole day dedicated to them. Tomorrow, Aug. 19, Paul Newman is getting the day dedicated to him. He has to be one of the most celebrated actors of his generation with his striking blue eyes and his calm exterior.

If you're a Paul Newman fan then you'll either want to either DVR the event or plant yourself on the couch for the whole day. The marathon of his movies start at 6:00 am. EST with the movie, "The Rack," and it ends at 4 am, with the last movie being, "The Helen Morgan Story."

Other movies to air that day are the following:

  • "Until They Sail"
  • "The Prize"
  • "Harper"
  • "Cool Hand Luke"
  • "Cat On a Hot Tin Roof"
  • "The Outrage"

So those are just a few movies, really in total there will be twelve movies that will be airing on TCM tomorrow. For the complete list please click here. It's a great line-up for Paul Newman fans and for new fans to get a taste of some of his movies if they haven't already.

Paul Newman was and still an acting legend. His career spanned for decades, he had as many as 10 Oscar nominations, and he was an humanitarian. Really Newman is an unforgettable actor that will be gracing the small screen for a full day. An event that will make many classic movie fans happy.

Born in 1923, Newman first graced the screen in the early 1950s and from there became a star. He's worked on the Stage too, something that we sometimes forget from all his movies he starred in. He had an interesting career and one that will be getting a glimpse of tomorrow.

Please share what your favorite Paul Newman movie is and comment if you'll be watching his movies tomorrow!

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