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Paul Melancon and the New Insecurities to perform ‘OK Computer’

Local boy Paul Melancon has been a chameleon, of sorts, in the span of his musical life. Among his CD releases are two solos (Slumberland and Camera Obscura), a recording with The Arts & Sciences titled Hopeful Monsters, Trouble If It’s Fair with Radiant City and the promise of new music with his current group of rowdies the New Insecurities. Though he’s traveled many avenues to get those well-written songs to the masses, make no mistake, this man’s genre-of-choice is pure, sweet indie-pop.

Molded in the image of The Beatles, Neil Finn, Nick Lowe and Electric Light Orchestra (check out his wonderful ELO-y “Jeff Lynne” for proof), Melancon makes music the way you want to hear it, with an eagle eye on hook perfection. His “Weekly Cover Thing” produces some spot-on props to his idols in his own style. On the topic of covers, this weekend Paul and his New Insecurities will be performing Radiohead’s 1997 classic OK Computer in its entirety.

The promise of new music from the band has been rumored, but Melancon says, “The new music is still being worked on, slowly. I am notoriously slow. But it is being worked on. Maybe half a record's worth so far.” That’s good news, because Melancon is a respected songwriter and has loads of experience making great music. Paul is joined by the New Insecurities: drummer Pete McDade, guitarist Jonny Daly and bassist Lee Kennedy. Michelle Friedman will occasionally join the band when harmonies are needed.

Besides the obvious influences of The Beatles, Electric Light Orchestra, Neil Finn and more, Melancon says, “I also grew up listening to prog and seventies soul, and it's all in there somewhere.” When asked about favorite venues, he responds, “Honestly, I love to play anywhere people are willing to listen. I know that sounds like a cop-out, but it's really true. I've played for five people and I've played for thousands, and any time they're paying attention and responding is best.”

In the meantime, Melancon’s future plans include “More recording, more writing. More figuring out what the hell I'm doing.”

Paul Melancon and the New Insecurities at Kavarna in Decatur / Saturday, Sept. 6 / 8:00 pm / FREE!

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