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Paul McCartney - yes; Santana - no

Paul McCartney performs at the White House, June 2, 2010
Paul McCartney performs at the White House, June 2, 2010
AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Life is about making choices, and so is discretionary spending. When I heard Santana would be performing in Kansas City July 4, I thought about going to the concert. But then I read about all of the musicians who have caved into pressure by the Israel bashers (now known as the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions or BSD movement) and saw that Santana was among them, (though to be fair, he didn't make it clear that was the reason he cancelled his performance in Israel). However, that was enough for me to lose interest in attending his Kansas City concert.

I don't believe in boycotts and would not suggest boycotting Santana or any other musician. But musicians who cancel their already planned performances in Israel because of political pressure should know that there are individuals in other countries, perhaps thousands of them, who will choose to skip their concerts and buy someone else's CDs.

Paul McCartney on the other hand, defied death threats to perform in Israel in September 2008.  Not only is he a legendary musician and personal favorite of mine, but I admire his courage for defying the haters to perform in Tel Aviv. He will be at Sprint Center July 24. I hope he sells out the place.

Elton John also performed recently in Israel, and made this statement about his reasons for being there. He said, "Musicians spread love and peace and bring people together. That's what we do. We don't cherry-pick our conscience."


  • Drew Denny - National Paddle Sports Examiner 5 years ago

    Great quote from EJ

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