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Paul McCartney -- the sexiest man alive

Paul McCartney
  Paul McCartney --They still love him, yeah,
  yeah, yeah! (Courtesy Apple Corps)

Back when Beatlemania boomed and the Beatles first invaded America in 1964, each member of the group had its very devoted female followers. John Lennon's fans generally liked him for his outgoing personality. George Harrison's fans liked his quiet charm. And Ringo Starr's fans ... they wanted to mother him.

But there was no doubt who most girls wanted in a heartbeat -- and then some. It was Paul. The press labeled him the Cute Beatle, but it was really The Sexy One. The girls called him "dreamy." And "gorgeous." And they used other words that I can't use here.

That was then. This is now. For many women who were first generation fans and grew up with the Beatles -- and even some who are younger -- those feelings still exist today. Even though he'll turn 67 in 2009 (take "When I'm 64" and add three.), for these fans, Paul is still the same as he ever was. Sexy as hell.

 Remember the answer Paul gave in that webchat when he was asked whether he wore boxers or briefs? .

So we asked some devoted McCartney fans to give us their feelings about Paul McCartney now.

From Laura:

"Well there is so much we women can say. For starters, Paul  comes across as very natural. He doesn't appear to try too be a  fashion setter. He dresses as he always has which to me is sexy. He  also comes across as a very common guy. He doesn't display any airs in his behavior, thoughts or speech that to me would be a turn off.

"To me, he is the sort of guy you could sit down and have a beer and laugh with. He also loves children, which to me is a very attractive quality in a guy. I also love the sound of his voice whether he is singing or just speaking. He has also been a very physically attractive guy, very  sexy brown eyes, a lean physique, and some really attention-getting facial expressions. He is also appealing because of his energy level for a guy his age. He probably enjoys down time, but he doesn't seem to lose interest in doing things...very, very attractive. I don't think he would win the couch potato of the year award. He is just a  very youthful man, and has always been that way, and very natural."

SR told us:

"What makes Paul still sexy after all these years?  His youthful attitude towards life (even with all that he's been through lately), his graciousness with his fans, his philanthropic endeavors, his amazing work ethic with regards to his music, his delight in his children's accomplishments, his willingness to try to find happiness again with another woman, the fact that he wears tennis shoes with designer suits and still has had no plastic surgery.  All this and I've always been a sucker for a musical genius!"

There was this comment from someone who asked to remain anonymous:

"I fell in love with Paul when The Beatles appeared on Ed Sullivan in 1964.  Years later, I attributed it to the raging hormones of a 12 year old.  What do I attribute still having the same feelings for the most handsome man in the world when I am now 57?  Never been married, but been told more than once that the guy couldn't compete with Paul McCartney."

Hot as sun


"You have to understand, I fell in love with this man when I was 4. it has not left me. So, since he is 2 years younger than my mom... he has always been an older man. :) It is mojo, he has that. To me, sex appeal is not just a face, it is something that emanates from within you, which carries out of you and around you.  Mainly, for me, it is Paul's eyes, smile, lust of life and his voice. To me, that is what makes a man sexy.  Yes, he is still sexy."

Sheryl's comment concluded with this lyrical snippet from the McCartney song "The Lovers Who Never Were":

"For as long as the sun shines in somebody's eyes,
I believe in you baby, so don't tell me lies.
For as long as the trees throw down blossoms and leaves,
I know there will be a parade of unpainted dreams."

And Sue sent us this:

"Good timing just as the annual flock of pictures of Macca shirtless on a beach in January surfaces today. Actually I've seen him looking better (funny how he gets a bit porkier when he's busy squiring the ladies...), but really Paul's sexiness isn't just about body contours anymore (was it ever?).

"First it's that wonderful face...smooth skin, aqualine nose and those big syrupy brown eyes that just eat you alive. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, his soul is much more than rubber and I could be a peeping Tomasina looking in those windows all day. Then there's the hair. Still pretty full and wavy for a geezer, and he's added some pretty groovy sideburns in recent years. I like it when it curls up a little off the collar. OK the Vampira in me likes a bit of neck too. Right,maybe there is a bit of body stuff to add in, but it has more to do with the way clothes hang on him than how he looks with his shirt off (maybe there is an age where that should stop?). He always looked best of the four in the Beatle suits back in the day, and that still holds true today.

"He has the perfect proportions for that: long, lanky legs, trim waist, squared off shoulders. He looks about as good in a bespoke suit as anyone I've seen. But he also does the battered jeans look well. Sartorial versatility is very sexy. Did I mention sweat? When he's playing a concert in a warm humid environment, as he did several times this past summer, he schvitzes like a garden hose. But I think I like the subtle pore-action the best. Y'know, the one little droplet snaking ever so slowly down his left cheek..."

"But above all that is his Whateveritis...that undefiniable stuff that makes him the unique delicious creature he is. I guess that's the category for everything else that makes him sexy, like kindness, artistic vision, child-like wonder, cheekiness, empathy, integrity and loyalty to his significant other. And if you're Heather Mills, the fact that he's richer than some entire Third World countries is probably the number one sexy thing. But the fact that he's not flashy with his money is also very attractive.
"And I think I covered everything...for now. I'll have to watch some more concert videos for more ideas....I love doing this kind of 'research.' "
And Kris chimes in:
"Oh, those eyes, that smile, that face!  Who could resist??  We've seen him age so gracefully from that adorable young guy all us teenage girls went ga ga over, to that gorgeous man in the seventies on stage with Wings, to the handsome Dad and husband... and to "Sir", the knight in shining armor!  Not to mention, the tremendous love for his wife... a kind, loving, caring man has great appeal, and tugs at the heartstrings. 
"And he still has that gorgeous young guy lingering behind the eyes of the 66 year old!"
All my loving
From Rachel:
"It's undefinable.  It's Paulie magic...the way he moves, talks, his little mannerisms.  His looks don't hurt either.  He can still give me goose bumps and make me so happy I can't stand it just by watching him in a video.  I was sitting here
crying when I watched the "Sing The Changes" video for the first time.  A part of it was pride in him that he can still do what he's always done so well.  A part of it was thathe's in my heart, has been there since 1964 and I don't care how old he gets, I'll always lovehim and I'll always think he's special and that he's IT!  Nothing can ever change the way I
feel about Paul and that's a pretty special thing in my book.
"As for his hotness, I think this link that Greg so graciously sent us recently covers it all.  If you can't see that Paul is still hot after looking at this picture, you need some sort of transfusion."

From Carol:

"If the eyes are the windows to the soul, his soul is much more than rubber and I could be a peeping Tomasina looking in those windows all day.  Ahhh, The Gaze........ man oh man, I'll never forget getting a zap of that!  When he manages to lock eyes with you, he sends you to the 4th dimension, no kidding!   It's like waves of whateveritis flowing through the two of you -  like electricity!   Nuh-uh, I did *not* imagine it ;).

"But above all that is his Whateveritis...that undefiniable stuff that makes
him the unique delicious creature he is. Exactly!  There's only one in the world like him and the world is so much
better of for it."

From Mish:

"Over the last 40+ years the public has gotten a glimpse of what we believe is the real McCartney.
There are genetic stand-outs among us.  McCartney  embodies creativity, talent, intelligence, and generosity all wrapped up in a handsome package.  So glad he rose to the top for many of us to admire."

McCartney's sex appeal isn't limited to first-generation fans. Here's a comment from Angela:

"Despite being old enough to be my father, and even perhaps my grandfather, there is still more than a glimmer of attractiveness and sex appeal to be found in Paul McCartney.  As a 23 year old, I get a kick out of gushing over the same Paul "gutter gang" thoughts as those who were around to experience the Beatles and/or Wings days firsthand. 
Sure, no one can deny that Paul is showing his age, but boy...does he show it well.  His body is pretty well toned for someone his age, and the wrinkles that appear on his face only seem to compliment one of his best features: his eyes!  I've learned firsthand that one wink from those famous eyes can still make you swoon!  They seem to harbor some sort of compassion and intensity that renders you powerless when you become the object of "that" glance.

"Another part of my continuing attraction to Paul is his energetic stage presence.  Here - hopping around stage, cracking jokes, maybe even flirting a bit with the lucky few in the first row - it becomes difficult to remember that Paul is in his sixties!  Paul seems to really come alive on stage, and in drawing energy from the fans he only becomes more irresistible.

"Perhaps the most sexually attractive thing about Paul, at least for me, is just considering the "whole package."  How can you not be attracted to a man who also promotes several good causes?  His good will and charm only enhance his appeal!  Paul is someone I can admire for both his personal and professional achievements as well as his looks and
personality, and that makes him a true object of affection."

From Beatlefan:

"Paul simply exudes sexiness! That look, that wink, that boyish grin makes him scrumptdeliumptous to this day! Not to mention how his hands move over the guitar or piano keys, oh baby! His voice is pure "magic", and makes you glad all over, a "call of the wild" if you will! Complete chemistry *is* James Paul McCartney!"

Young love

From Beverly:

"I was 13 years old when I fell in love with Paul.  For all of the  reasons that everyone has already mentioned.............his funny smile, his quick wit, his great body movements when he is playing guitar are so  sensuous, he is definitely the sexiest man alive and I am amazed that he's never  been on the cover of people magazine as such!   But what really drives  me wild about Paul are his voice and lyrics................whether it was his  anger in "looking through you," or his pure love in "maybe I'm amazed"  to  the sadness of the "long & winding road" and I am not referring to the  Specter version........but to the pure Paul * piano version........brings tears  to my eyes every time. He is a renaissance man to me, talented in so many  areas  and strong and vulnerable as well.  To this day, he has that  underlying vulnerability that is so attractive."

From Sue:

"Keep Paul off the polar ice caps...we got enough problems with global warming as it is. Wheeeew...."


"The magic of the man never ceases to amaze."

Frances summed it all up neatly: 

"The reason I believe Paul McCartney is still sexy...he is a romantic at heart and love is what it is all about."

I guess the best ending to this is with this YouTube fan tribute. Sir Paul McCartney. Still sexy after all these years.

(Thanks very much to the ladies who allowed their comments to be used here.)

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  • Mrs. Macca :) 6 years ago

    Smiling. Thanks, Steve, for the pictures and videos of that adorable man. And thanks ladies for letting me know I'm not completely crazy and alone. :)---Mish

  • Marie 6 years ago

    Voice first. Writes melodies like no one else. Love his bass playing - always turn the bass up in the mix when it is him. Faithfulness once he married. Family means a lot to him and his kids love and respect him. They also do not seem to be afraid to tell him what they think which means he can't be the egotist that others claim he is. Not afraid to try new things. Loves life even when it kicks him where it hurts. John and George lost me when they bad mouthed their time with the Beatles. I don't need grumps. I come away happy after reading Paul's interviews - especially lately. Hope Nancy and Paul make each other happy.

  • Cheryl 6 years ago

    Beautiful pictures of Paul, but why wasn't his music playing in the background....what the hell was that?!
    Couldn't get into it like I would' forwarded it cuz of the music...POOR CHOICE!

  • KA 6 years ago

    Thanks for the article. I'm a younger Beatles fan too and I've always thought Paul was very, very sexy.

    Cheryl, the video's song might not have been Paul's, but it was a hoot! I thought it was hilariously fitting.

  • Keeley 5 years ago

    I am only 28, but I've been head-over-heals in love with this man forever. Certainly the sexiest man alive.

  • Lety Mc Cartney 5 years ago

    es irrestistiblemente hermoso, delicioso, sensual en sus movimientos, especialmente con su guitarra, dichosa de ella que esta en las manos del virtuoso Paul, talentoso, genial, con sentido del humor, romantico, sencillo, caballeroso, ardiente, siempre con la necesidad de tener a una mujer a su lado que lo ame como el se lo merece. Tiene los ojos mas bellos que he visto, las facciones de su rostro son lo mas perfecto,es mi obsesion, pone a trabajar mis hormonas. all my lovin for you dear Paul.

  • Lety Mc Cartney 5 years ago

    Alguien me podria decir cual es el aroma favorito de Sir Paul? que perfume usa? me lo compraria para ponerlo en mi almohada y tener dulces sueños con este ser maravilloso y mas sexy del mundo. jejejeee.

  • Mina 5 years ago

    I've been a Paul fan since I was about 8. He's older than my parents but I've thought he was gorgeous since I was a kid. Pretty hard to miss those huge eyes and long lashes at any age. :) It's not just good looks, because though he's looking his age and he's still got "it"(though very fit, I know I couldn't be on stage for 2 and a half hours doing anything without being exhausted never mind performing). It's the talent, the energy, the naturalness. The best way I can think to explain it is "Well...he's still Paul McCartney, you know, he's just got it". :)

  • Gab 5 years ago

    No existe un ser más perfecto en este planeta que Sir Paul McCartney... y si lo hay, no me interesa conocerlo ;)

  • LoveTheBeatles 4 years ago

    Once a friend asked me "What's the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says Paul McCartney?" My answer? "Sexy Dude"
    Paul attracts women in a second. All my friends are ga ga for him... So am I. I'm a twelve years-old girl that thinks that he IS sexy. Unlike other girls of my age; I still like him even if he's 67 years old. And not just because of his sexiness. For his personality too. He's romantic,funny,loves animals and kids. For me, that's sexy. Hearing his voice makes me melt. He haven't lost his mojo, and I don't think he's going to loose it. Macca is a legend. And so are Ringo,George and John.

  • ImaBeatlemania 4 years ago

    My comment is same like LOVETHEBEATLES ! But I'm not 12, I'm 11. :D PEACE&LOVE

  • ashley arceri 18 years old 4 years ago

    i love you paul mccartney

  • ashley arceri 4 years ago

    marry me paul mccartney and i know your 1 love is linda but you my 1 love and you are my angel
    by sir macca

  • ashley arceri 4 years ago

    i love you paul mccartney with all my heart xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • ashley arceri 4 years ago

    i love everything about paul mccartney

  • ashley arceri 18 years old 4 years ago

    smile angel paul mccartney

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    paul mccartney you stole my heart with that smile of yours and i love you and i even one day want to be just like you.
    by angel and i love you always

  • thebeatles4ever 4 years ago

    ok look: its now 2011 and im only 11. but my dad knows the beatles so when i was like,4 i litsened to them. but i heard the song hey jude and i automtically cried. it was so sad then i needed to find out who it was snd it was paul mccartney. Well i saw pics i was like "THIS MAN..THE HOTTEST GUY WHO LIVED" but that was in his 20s now hes like 60,but hes still a bit cute and btw: in heaven everyone looks younger! so when im there im gonna meet him ;)

  • GIANNA GIANNA GIANNA 3 years ago

    im 15 years old and i think young paul is the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE, i live in my head wayy to much, thinking i live in the 60s. my room is full of the beatles, i have a huge framed poster of them right by my bed and i have vinyl decals of their faces on my wall with original records hung.. yeah thats not all of it.
    BUT ANYWAYS, i wanted to say that music has no age and neither does the band....or paul <3 to this generation paul is still a gorgeous man regardless of his age or mine

  • CCC 11 months ago

    Oh my God i am a teenager and Paul is SO HOT. Its just everything about him... hes overwhelmingly attractive and cute and funny and nice and i just want to scream like a Beatle girl when I see videos or pictures of him!!!!!