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Paul McCartney surprises crowd at Neil Young show, guests on 'A Day in the Life' (video, updated)


Neil Young gave the crowd in Hyde Park Saturday a little treat during his performance of "A Day in the Life." Paul McCartney came out on stage and joined him for the song. Take a look. said it's the first time the two have sung together on stage, though that's wrong since the two duetted on "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" at the Bridge Concert in 2004. It's below.



  • mike lane 5 years ago

    Didn't they perform Neil's "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" at a Bridge benefit a few years ago?

  • Patti 5 years ago

    They did perform at Bridge School benefit in 2004 together, I was there! Maybe NME meant in the UK...

  • Steve Marinucci - Beatles Examiner 5 years ago

    No, that's what they said. "It is the first time the two singers have sung the song together live onstage, despite the fact that Young has often chosen to close his set with his rendition in recent years."

  • brad 5 years ago

    sad, paul shows again why john was the group's true genius. He still doesn't get the song. It's not about being a rock star and hamming it up. And they did play together at the Bridge

  • Steve Marinucci - Beatles Examiner 5 years ago

    I just added the vid of "It's Only Love Can Break Your Heart" to this.

  • jh 5 years ago

    brad, I disagree with you on both counts - John wasn't the only genius in the Beatles and I doubt you know more about the song's meaning than Paul himself, who wrote part of it and collaborated on it with John in the first place.

  • Barb P 5 years ago

    I also disagree with Brad. There were 4 parts of the whole and without one part there would not have been The Beatles as they were.
    I get tired when Paul and John are pitted against each other by fans.
    You wanna know who was the REAL genius of The Beatles? Ivan Vaughn! Because he had the foresight to think of bringing Paul to meet John, which in turn made Paul bring George to meet John, and THAT's when the magic began.
    Without Ivan there would have been no Beatles as we knew them.

  • Jon 5 years ago

    Gawd I love Neil Young...that heartbreaking voice. I could listen to him (and Crazy Horse)all day. Still play "Down By The River" all the time. And Paul wasn't "hamming it up." How was he suppossed to act on stage? It was a surprise visit (to the crowd). (I love how the crowd was singing along word for word.) It (Paul's appearance) didn't have to be all serious just because it's "A Day In The Life." Paul wasn't showing insufficient reverance to John, as seems to be implied here by some. It's NOT about Paul versus John. I wish people would just give that a rest. Please. John, Paul and George were all geniuses. Can we aggree on that?

  • Colin Grant 5 years ago

    I was there at Hyde Park on Saturday night. It was just thrilling to see Neil Young attempt this Beatles clessic, although I am aware there is a DVD available attached to his most recent CD, which contains an earlier version. When Paul stepped out, we had no idea initially who it was, but when he co-sung the "Woke up..." bit, the crowd went crazy. We also went crazy when Neil invited the crowd to do the long "Ahhhhh" part of the song. It was great. People that winge about whether McCartney should be there or not are just sad. Let him and us have a good time.

  • Laurie 5 years ago

    O.K., Please, Brad, I have to comment on YOUR comment. My step-son, who rails against anything BEATLE (aged 38) WILL watch this video because Neil Young is in it. There's no conspiracy here, it's just a concert, as in "It's just a rock band that broke up" (end of Anthology, JL)...It's supposed to be enjoyed by anyone who wants to watch. I disagree with the "picking apart" of everything McCartney does now. He has the right to have a good time with the people and music he chooses, without the result being dissected by critics or FANS.

  • TonyC 5 years ago

    >>> He still doesn't get the song. It's not about being a rock star and hamming it up.

    Brad, please. Don't show ignorance. Paul's "hamming" is NOTHING more than a man who feels naked on stage without an instrument in front of him... he doesn't know what to do with his hands!!

  • brad 5 years ago

    Well, who am I to criticize....but as a fan, it looks like Neil is doing a serious, artful take on a mournful song and Paul is playing it like a football game. He might have stood there and sung his part seriously, as he would have done if he were performing it with John. John, I'm sure, was rolling when he saw that and remembering why he wrote "How do you sleep?"

  • brad 5 years ago

    Paul did way better on "Only Love Can Break Your Heart." Never thought I'd see him sing someone else's song like that.