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Paul McCartney sells out Vegas concert ... in seven seconds!


  Paul McCartney (Joel Ryan/Associated Press)

This press release issued this morning by Paul McCartney's press office:


 Paul McCartney is set to set three world records in one show in Las Vegas next month [Sunday April 19] when he hosts the planet's biggest “love-in” for Valentine couples  - a gig which sold out in seven seconds.

 As many as 2,000 couples will come together to be serenaded by the love song legend for a night of hugging and smooching, the biggest gathering of couples for a Valentine's party.

 Tickets for Macca’s Sin City show at the opening of The New Joint at the Hardrock Hotel & Casino were deliberately put on sale on February 14th so that lovers could express their feelings with the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift surprise.

 All 4,000 tickets sold out in seven seconds as Americans clamoured to win the love lottery, selling at a rate of almost six hundred seats a second - another record.

 The rate of Macca's 7-second sell-out beats Take That's record set in November last year when tickets for the Circus tour sold all 600,000 in four and a half hours, a velocity of 2,222 a minute, or almost 40 a second.   

 “It’s going to be a love-fest in there as one half of the crowd has bought tickets for the other half of the crowd as their Valentine’s present”, said a spokesman for promoters Concerts West/AEG Live.

 “When you set those feelings up against the love songs of Paul McCartney, it’s pretty fair to predict that there’s going to be a whole lot of lovin’ going on. If he plays My Love the new roof will probably come off”.

 Now organisers are to claim two and possibly three new world records with the unique show.

 “Although Guinness World Records cites numerous records relating to Valentine’s Day, nobody has managed a Valentine’s party this big before – so we’ll be claiming that”, said the spokesman,

 "Plus it looks like the seven-second sell-out is a ticket rate record as well; we held our breath in shock for longer than that when we heard the figure.

 “And there is another Guinness record it would be cool to break there too – the world record for the most couples hugging simultaneously is 1,451, set in Taiwan in 2007. Who knows, Paul may compere a crack at smashing that”.

 The new $60 million Joint is double the size of the famous Vegas rock venue that became a must-play gig with bands including Oasis, The Killers, Linkin Park and Bon Jovi after first opening in 1995.

 The astonishing demand for the Macca love-in which will inaugurate The New Joint is evidenced too by sky-high prices getting asked by scalpers – the respected fansite Beatles Examiner reports one pair of top-line seats are on sale at $9,999.

 “It’s going to be a night like Vegas has never seen before”, said the spokesman, “Paul will leave The Joint smoking”.

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  • John Ozed 5 years ago

    If this was sold via Ticketmaster, chances are Ticketmaster snapped up all the tickets and will sell them at it's 'sister' site at a much higher rate. They are currently being investigated by the Canadian Govt for these practices and have gotten in big trouble in NJ for Bruce tix. I had a similar problem with Leonard Cohen tix in Oakland CA.

  • MicC 5 years ago

    I'll just hold out for my private concert w/ Macca. Should I hold my breath?

  • Patti 5 years ago

    I had a good laugh over this one. Who's spinning the numbers for the publicity, Macca or the Hard Rock? Sounds a bit exaggerated to me. Maybe it took 7 seconds for Ticketmaster to say "Yes" to handling an allotment of tickets. People were still getting tickets an hour after they went on sale... Sorry Paul, sorry Hard Rock, not buying this one!

  • Doug 5 years ago

    "Paul will leave The Joint smoking"? I thought he gave that up.

  • MightyMouse 5 years ago

    I wondered...when I buy tix at TM, even when the sale goes fast, it takes longer than 7 seconds to request the tix, TM does a search, offers you a pair, you pick em and fill out the info. So how could it be so fast?

  • Patti 5 years ago

    Exactly my point. It takes longer for one to put in a request.

    By the way, who wrote this tripe about lovers and Valentines' Day sales? I had to look at my calendar to make sure it didn't say April 1.

  • Shelly 5 years ago

    Holy press release, Batman---You are in the Press Release Steve!!!!

  • Barb P 5 years ago

    As much as I LOVE Paul, I have to say that I doubt both his press office and TM's claims about the 7 seconds sell out. It is just totally impossible. TM is also saying that Leonard Cohen tickets sold out in so many seconds too now. So that means that in the time it took to refresh the page from "not avail. yet" to "find tickets" ALL of the tickets were completely sold out??
    Wait there a knock on the door - oh it's Publisher's Clearinghouse with my 25 million dollar check. Believe that???