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Paul McCartney's struggle with drugs and alcohol surfaces in a new book

Paul McCartney is still around and performing good music. Revelations in a new book show that in spite of all of the fame and fortune in the his life he has nevertheless had a rough time with drugs and alcohol. McCartney's struggle with drugs and alcohol after the Beatles break up has been revealed in a new tell-all book reported The Times of India on June 11, 2014. Music journalist Tom Doyle has revealed McCartney's struggle with drugs and alcohol after the Beatles broke up in a new book titled, "Man on the Run: Paul McCartney in the 1970s."

Paul McCartney
Photo by Eugene Gologursky

Doyle shares that McCartney knew he was in serious trouble one morning when he couldn't lift his head off the pillow. McCartney is said to have had a dark thought flash through his mind that if he couldn't even make the effort to pull himself up he might suffocate at that time right there. Doyle paints a picture of a talented and famous entertainer who nevertheless almost didn't survive the '60s and the Beatles.

The 71-year-old musician's story came out in extensive interviews with Doyle. Doyle also interviewed almost everyone else who is still alive from that dark decade in McCartney's life. McCartney talked about how he almost had a nervous breakdown. His late wife Linda was shocked that the brilliant rock star she had married was suddenly a broken and beaten down man.

The 70's began in a literal alcoholic haze which ended up landing McCartney in a Japanese jail on a drug bust reports the New York Daily News. It appears McCartney was simply unprepared for taking on life beyond the Beatles. He was shaken up by the demise of the Beatles and the volatile relationship he had with fellow Beatle John Lennon. At times McCartney experienced sleepless nights which he spent shaking with anxiety.

McCartney often found it harder and harder to make it through the days which were filled with heavy drinking and self-sedation with marijuana. McCartney says Linda saved him. She brought him out of his depressed, substance-induced stupor with her love and compassion. McCartney got himself together and started writing songs again. Today McCartney is still around sharing his fantastic music with us.

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