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Paul McCartney plays guitar, piano in Beatles tribute

Paul McCartney had fans melting away with his performance on Sunday night during the Grammy’s tribute to the Beatles. Of course, the slew of celebrities that walked on stage to perform was epic, but when McCartney made his entrance and performed, it was clear why everyone had gathered to pay tribute. He didn’t just sing one song either. During "The Night that Changed America: A Grammy Salute to the Beatles," the talented entertainer hit up the guitar and piano. According to Fox 411 on Sunday, McCartney was hesitant in performing in the tribute, but changed his mind after realizing what an impact the music had made on America.

Paul McCartney performs on guitar, piano in Beatles tribute:  A Variety of friends join in!
Paul McCartney performs on guitar, piano in Beatles tribute: A Variety of friends join in!
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

While Paul is only 1/4 of the British band, there was wild enthusiasm when Ringo Starr hit the stage too. When the two performers offered up several songs together, the fans probably felt like they died and went to heaven. Sounding absolutely perfectly synced together, there wasn’t any doubt that McCartney’s time on stage made the evening.

With so much music going on and the stage flowing with sound, the Grammy’s tribute was extended for television. Instead of the two-hours expected, another 30 minutes was added so fans could enjoy the extra music. It’s obvious this included more face time with McCartney (and no viewers are complaining about that!).

The Grammy tribute was about the music of the Beatles and the first time the British band were seen on television. The broadcast was timed to be exactly 50 years to the day, date and time of the original time the band was seen in America for the first time.

Seen on “The Ed Sullivan Show,” the Beatles performance 50 years ago was one of the most-watched television events at the time, with over 74 million people tuning in to watch the group perform five songs. On Sunday night, millions more fans got to see that special beginning and more.

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