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Paul Hellyer to speak at Party 4 Truth event in Toronto

Former defence minister, Paul Hellyer, who is an outspoken advocate of UFO disclosure, will be the keynote speaker at an event being held by the Party For Truth on January 30 at 8 p.m. at Lee’s Place, 529 Bloor Street West, Toronto.

The Party For Truth will hold a fundraising party on January 30, 2014.
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“There will be three live bands,” said co-organizer Christoper Russak.

Aside from Hellyer, the other guest speakers at this benefit concert will include historian and UFO researcher, Richard Dolan, who has just released a new book entitled UFOs For The 20th Century Mind and videographer Dan Dicks of Press For Truth, who explores such issues as exposing the global elite, Monsanto’s genetically modified foods and chemtrails.

Admission is for those 19 years and older, and costs $20 at the door.

This event is actually a fundraising “kick-off launch party” for an upcoming 2014 Modern Knowledge Tour planned for May 24 to June 15 at a number of locations across Canada, said Russak, that will include major names in ufology.

He hopes to raise a significant amount for the tour because requests for sponsorship from “thousands” of Canadian companies did not pan out.

“Not one of them responded,” he said adding that the tour is expected to “costs thousands of dollars to put on.”

Although these companies might not want to be associated with an event that explores the issue of UFOs and aliens, Russak said it is time to let people know the truth.

The other organizer for the party and the tour is David Whitehead.

“The idea was born in September of last year,” Russak noted due to Whitehead, who hosts Truth Frequency Radio.

“We’re passionate about this information and allowing people to explore issues that they normally wouldn’t,” Russak said.

Although some folk might wonder if the information they might learn could be frightening or if they would be laughed at for even considering the existence of UFOs and aliens he said, “It is time to be brave and explore these issues.”

We cannot expect to get the full story from governments or the mainstream media; that’s for sure.

For more information, go HERE.

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