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Paul George to officially change jersey number to #13 in 2015 NBA season

Comeback kid Paul George will change jersey # upon return
Comeback kid Paul George will change jersey # upon return

Sustaining freak injuries much like Paul George did at the USA basketball scrimmages isn’t necessarily an easy thing to overcome, especially considering the overall seriousness of the Pacers’ star guard’s injury in the first place – a broken compound fracture in his right leg – which can sideline him from 9 to 12 months. Amidst all of the throngs of well-wishers rooting for George to make a successful comeback in the 2015 campaign, Nike went to extreme levels to lift the spirit of Paul, and released a touching poster of their client which consisted of these inspiring words: “Heard this was a career ending injury. Then the doctors said full recovery. Heard the guys were frozen on the sideline. Then your teammates rushed to the hospital. Heard everyone is worried. Then you said you’ll be back better than ever. There are two sides to everything. The worst has happened. The best is next. Just Do It.”

As intriguing as this quote may seem from an inspirational view, well, one thing that comes to mind amongst George’s legions of fans is: can he return to his All-Star status, or better yet, even come remotely close to his former self? Former Louisville guard, Kevin Ware, who suffered a gruesome leg break similar to that of George in 2013 on national television, did everything in his power to return back to the hardwood floor – in which he did, but from a mental standpoint, the horrific incident took a toll on the collegiate star, as he played in only 9 games and averaged a measly 1.7 points per game. So, in hindsight of all of this, as of this year, he has transferred to the Georgia State Panthers vying for a fresh new start, and hoping to make an impact as he is now healthier.

George will be looking to press restart on not only the 2015 NBA campaign in general, but more importantly, on his whole entire career. And just like King James is doing in Cleveland, the 24 year-old will attempt to do so in the Hoosier state, putting his number #24 jersey to rest for good and changing it to #13. How smart, huh? Entertaining the fact that a PG-13 alias would be more recognizable and marketable, George is a new man with a point to prove to his critics and everyone in the world, for that matter.

Of course, this news doesn’t come as a blindsided surprise, as sports journalist and Grantland contributor Bill Simmons mentioned we could see such a possible change last year, but with the recent turn of events, it appears George is finally going through with it – and uh, if that doesn’t cheer him up during his next grueling rehab period, well, this new expensive whip could certainly do the trick.

Source: ABC Sports