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Paul Crouch's NRB Convention Tribute?

God Made Dad Paul Crouch Unique!
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Nashville, TN- There is absolutely nothing like the marking of a joyful anniversary to sweeten the passage of time. The sky last night was very bright as I left the 2014 National Religious Broadcaster's Convention and I thought to myself where was the Paul Crouch Tribute? I think back to the 40 years of watching TBN as a young man in New York the viewing of the proclamation of the Gospel. There was a young couple advancing Biblical truths, excitedly promoting the grace of God. TBN has had an extraordinary impact on the world of Christian communicators would you agree? Well to my knowledge it was Paul and Jan Crouch who was bringing the claims of Jesus Christ to people other than myself who were desperately in need of the truth. They were then and they are right now the (Isaiah 42:6) Light "And You Will Be A Light To Guide All Nations to Me. From my understanding NRB is a unique gathering of people, united by purpose and message of proclaiming the Good News of eternal life through Jesus Christ, to transform culture through the application of Biblical teaching. The NRB members are singularly unified with a common goal and we rely on one another for strength. As a God-son of Paul Crouch he instilled in me integrity and commitment. For over 20 years I worked at TBN-Nashville as a helping hand in local shows being broadcast live, eight of those years I was a Certified SBE Master Control Operator from midnight to eight AM shift. I know Paul Crouch's heart for NRB! I saw him up front close and personal helping pioneer the way, helping to break down the barriers. I have with my own eyes witnessed the standards he and Jan Crouch set for broadcast excellence. I know for a fact that TBN has had a very strong voice on many, many issues regarding access to the airwaves. Paul was never for one single minute silent when it came to passionately defending our religious liberty.

God made Paul and Jan Crouch "Originals" and they have always been authentic! Anybody can travel with the herd. It takes faith to resist the forces that will not stop and give this mighty man of God an APPROPRIATE TRIBUTE!

Authentic people like Dr. Paul Crouch have a first-hand experience, we make our mistakes and Lord knows Chap Oscar has made his fair share as well. As "Authentic People" we don't accept any mistake as final. Paul Crouch was a P-I-O-N-E-E-R and BROADCASTING GENIUS!


Respectfully Submitted this day of February 25, 2014 at the 2014 National Religious Broadcaster's Convention in the Parking Lot Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Convention Center 2:20 AM.

Chaplain Oscar Smith