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Patty's Day 2010

can you find a 4-leaf clover?
can you find a 4-leaf clover?

An Englishman once told me that no one ever remembers St. George's Day...but everyone knows about St. Patrick's Day.  He is right! 

It's one of the well-known days on British and American calendars (as well as in Argentina, Korea and New Zealand), marked in remembrance of the patron saint of Ireland.

Every year, millions celebrate this day by adorning themselves in green.  Some places, like in Chicago, dye the river green to commemorate the day.  It is most likely, however, that the color blue was first associated with Saint Patrick. 

And, oddly enough, the green shamrocks were thought to have been used by Patrick the bishop as a way to explain the doctrine of the Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) to his converts in Ireland.

Today the celebration is primarily secular, and most are happy to drink far too much Guiness and stay out long after their usual bedtime on the night of the celebrations.  I doubt that ol' Patty could have forecasted such a frenzy over himself and the color green.

If you fancy a trip to the shamrock island tomorrow, you can go here to see where the parade will take place.  If you can't afford to go to Ireland, then eat a bowl of Lucky Charms insead.

You won't want to miss it!


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