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"Patty Mills signs extension with the San Antonio Spurs"

Patty Mills celebrates Spurs domination of Miami Heat in game five
Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Patty Mills, one of the unsung heros for the San Antonio Spurs during their dominating championship run against the Miami Heat, has agreed to a three year, 12 million dollar contract. In spite of a right shoulder injury (torn rotator cuff) that is said to take seven months for recovery, Mills has gained the confidence of the Spurs who has offered him a nice three year deal.

Mills was very effective the pass season in which he averaged around 10 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists and shot 43 percent from 3 point land. He provided the Spurs with the spark they needed in game five of the NBA finals when the Miami Heat got off to a dominating start in which at one point, the score was 22-6 in favor of the Heat. When Tony Parker could not seem to buy a shot, Mills was sinking every 3 point shot he seemed to throw up.

Miami did not have an answer for any of the Spurs, especially Patty Mills. Mills burned the Spurs for 17 points while hitting five of eight from the three point line. Mills never got the chance to go to the free throw line because Miami's defenders seem to always lose him and he continued to burn them point after point.

Mills continued to shoot well even after Parker got going late in the third quarter. At times, Coach Popovich played Parker and Mills together and both was just as deadly when on the court together.

Hopefully, Mills will make a full and complete recovery from his shoulder injury and once again be the deadly and lethal shooter he became for the Spurs, helping them to become the 2014 NBA champions.

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