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Patton Oswalt quits Twitter and Facebook for the summer

Patton Oswalt has quit social media for the summer.
Patton Oswalt has quit social media for the summer.
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Patton Oswalt is taking a social media summer vacation. The 45-year-old actor and stand-up comedian, who’s best known for his roles on “The King of Queens” and “The Goldbergs,” posted the surprising announcement on Sunday on Facebook, according to a June 1 report by Rolling Stone.

Oswalt’s long winded weekend Facebook post detailed his decision to take a break from both Facebook and Twitter until after Labor Day, following a controversial tweet he sent out last week commenting on hostile reactions to the #YesAllWomen hashtag movement that grew out of the shootings near UC Santa Barbara over Memorial Day weekend.

The prolific comic, who also vowed to "de-atrophy the muscles [he] once had,” wrote on his explanatory Facebook post: "I've become my own tyrant – Tweeting, and then responding to my own responses, and then fighting people who disagree with me … I've aggressively re-wired my own brain to live and die in a 140 character jungle.” Oswalt’s final tweet directed followers to his Facebook post for all of the details: “I’m going radio silent until Tuesday, September 2nd,” he wrote. “The most recent post on my Facebook will explain why.”

This isn’t the first time Oswalt has sort of sworn off social media. In a 2009 interview with the A.V. Club, the comic revealed that while there was a Patton Oswalt Facebook fan page that he regularly updated, his personal account was under a pseudonym because too many people were trying to private message him. At the time, MySpace was his social media site of choice.

“I don’t know, there’s something about MySpace for someone as OCD as me,” he said at the time. “MySpace is somehow more welcoming than Facebook. And Twittering, I just… Ugh. I like having radio silence.”

He also commented that he thought that in the future there would be a new trend of complete anonymity in which it would be considered cool to have never posted anything online, never commented on posts, and never opened a webpage or a social media account. As for being disconnected, Oswalt said he’s a bookworm and a people watcher, and as a comedian, especially, you “have to go look at the world.”

“There’s like five people I just call and yak with every single day,” he said. “And that to me is my Internet. You can replace the Internet with five really smart friends.”

While Oswalt plans to return to Twitter and Facebook on September 2, his accounts will be still be active to post promotional announcements for his shows and movies.

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