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Pattimari & Peter Cacciolfi’s books teach children values, and rhyming

Pattimari Cacciolfi, Therapist & Author of children’s books, brings values and character to children’s stories. Having worked with ADHD, Autistic and behavioral problem children, she has a tight grip on what to write to help children learn values while developing and building their character. Her husband, Peter, author of children’s books not only taught in the classroom, he dealt with children through Karate. Together their books guide and direct children in a positive way.

Besides The Man in Black in Space look for The Mysterious Mystery [Kindle Edition] by Peter and Pattimari Sheets Cacciolf
Peter and Pattimari Sheets Cacciolf
Rhyming Children's Stories
Peter and Pattimari Cacciolfi

Below are a few choices for your children. The slide show contains some of their adult selections.

  • Rhyming Children's Stories [Kindle Edition] by Peter and Pattimari Cacciolfi. A rhyming book for children of all ages who enjoy being part of flying Unicorns, Magical Princesses, friendly giants, Genies, and many other helpful and fun creatures. Sure to bring smiles and laughter to the children who read this fun book.

Rhyming Children's Stories will give your child an experience in rhyming words, to enlighten the reader as well as an excellent example for the young writer.

Peter and Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi Peter & Pattimari brought in writers to add their poems and pictures in this rhyming story book. Within these pages enjoy pictures, rhymes, poems, and stories from the author’s friends. These stories will keep the reader’s imagination soaring with stories about Mermaids and many other fantasy tales.

  • Adventure and Values in Children's Stories Paperback by Pattimari Sheets-Diamond. Fun and happy short stories of the animal world and children. This Children's book is filled with short stories of adventure and value. Wonderful for a short story before bed.
  • The Man in Black in Space Hardcover by Pattimari Sheets. Dakota and Destiny had a dream that one day they would awaken and find themselves traveling in a time machine surfing the solar system. Although it is not just a dream. With the help of their friend Wells, they used his time machine and traveled to Venus, Mercury, and Mars. The man in black will captivate and thrill your young reader with solar adventures. A wonderful way to introduce our solar system.
  • The Wizard's Wizardry & His Travels Paperback by Pattimari & Peter Sheets Cacciolfi. This Wizard is a Wizard who helps all those out in the world who need him. With his friends; Yellow Bird, Blue Eagle, Queens and Kings, and Faries, who are always able and willing to help their friend the Wizard. This is the first series of the Wizards so look for Peter & Pattimari's next series. Filled with magic and fun.

Support for authors:

Not only are Peter and Pattimari Sheets Cacciolf authors of some 27+ books but they are founders as well as daily work for authors at PNP Authors Where they tirelessly work welcoming, interviewing, running contests, promoting and giving support to the writing community.


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