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Patti Davis typifies anti-gun ‘progressives’ with death wish for 'wolf hunter'

Davis tweeted her preference that hunters would instead be killed by wolves.
Vince Bucci/Getty Images

Ronald Reagan’s daughter, Patti Davis, “hate[s]” columnist and author Ann Coulter “invoking my father’s name,” Mediaite's editor in chief Andrew Kirell reported Thursday. The occasion was a congratulatory tweet the former first daughter sent to Piers Morgan on Wednesday about his interview with the conservative pundit.

“Thanks for keeping calm w/Ann Coulter,” Davis wrote. “You made her look crazy, which she is.”

If tweets from Davis are truly newsworthy, Mediaite isn’t looking very deeply into them, hardly a surprise from an outfit headed by “progressive” attorney and talking head Dan Abrams, a former MSNBC host and current Chief Legal Affairs Analyst for ABC News, and brother of a federal judge nominated by Barack Obama. That they haven’t suggests their story is more of a left-wing sound bite “gotcha,” a chance to throw out an insulting zinger with no further discussion as to its fairness or validity, or to the qualifications the source of the comment has to pronounce such a judgment on anyone besides herself.

That Patti Davis has a self-documented history of being alienated and self-absorbed, to the point of blaming promiscuity on "daddy issues," may explain her accusation of mental and emotional instability in someone else. That she reacts from bias and emotion shows her to be in lock step with “progressives’ in other areas as well, including the gun issue.

When a shooting happened in Santa Monica, in a state rated tops for its gun laws by the Brady Campaign, rather than blame the perpetrator, Davis instead complained “as long as pretty much anyone can purchase 1,300 rounds of ammunition and an arsenal of weapons, we’ll be left waiting for the next shooting.”

Her ignorance shows through more than anything. A rifle and a pistol, which is what were used, are now an “arsenal.” And the shooter broke all kinds of laws, foremost being having a gun in the first place, as the California Department of Justice had sent him a letter stating “he was not eligible to purchase a firearm.” Add to that a rifle with the serial number removed, “illegal” magazines, “illegal” zip guns, an ironic violation of the Mulford Act that her father had signed into law, and a host of other edicts the killer ignored. Davis’ insistence that lax laws were to blame, and her demand to make those obeying them even more vulnerable, calls into question where her ability to spot craziness in others comes from.

With that as background, further examination of her Twitter sentiments is telling, starting with her intolerance of anything resembling disagreement and push-back, let alone criticism.

“I'm so tired of blocking people like you,” she replied to Twitter user @gopthinking earlier this month. He’d evidently offended Davis by reminding her “Should have listened to your Dad!! Government is NEVER the solution to our problems!!”

“Please do me a favor and leave me alone,” Davis responded. “Blocking you now. LEAVE ME ALONE!”

In other words, she as a public figure can promote whatever public policy opinions she likes. Disagree and she not only resorts to a hands over the ears "LaLaLa" treatment, she cuts off the ability of people who will have to live under laws she wants enacted from telling her why, and ends up “screaming” at them.

Being "tired of blocking people" who don't fawn over her vacuous collectivist sensibilities indicates that's a Davis M.O., as her January 2 exchange with @SurgeonMajor once again demonstrates.

“Numbers tell the REAL story about Michigan's hunt. Let's make it the last wolf hunt in MI,” Davis wrote, clearly advocating for law to impose her will over the issue, which ultimately means under force of government arms.

“I tried but only got 2 this year,” the self described “Conservative. Insurance guy. Buckeye” teased Davis. There is no indication that he actually hunted Michigan wolves.

“I wish they had gotten you instead,” Davis erupted in fury. “Blocking you now.”

“[B]locked and death wished by Reagan's lib daughter :-),” he replied, reacting with appropriate humor and ridicule.

Perhaps, realizing she's once more stepped in it, she'll again try to make her self-embarrassment disappear.

As for being made to “look crazy,” Davis might benefit from some serious introspection.

And as for ethical reporting that puts its agenda-serving snippets in context, Mediaite might benefit from the same.


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